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Lady Gaga Charms Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres had Lady Gaga on as her guest on Friday, November 27th.  She actually had Lady Gaga perform even before she did her regular dancing with the audience, which is quite a nod to Lady G.

When Ellen introduced Gaga for the chat part of the show she introduced her by saying "Rolling Stone Magazine called our first guest the defining pop star of 2009, please welcome the one and only Lady Gaga."

(Image of Lady Gaga - - All Rights Reserved)

After Gaga appeared on stage she literally ran over to Ellen and gave her a big hug.  In prior appearances on Ellen's show Lady G has made it clear she is a huge fan of Ellen's show.

Gaga was wearing a pink hue sleeveless latex dress with white lace up knee-high boots.  Her white, white blonde hair was sleek and straight.  Her hair was brushed off her face to one side from a side part.  Her hair hung to her waist.

She was wearing exotic white eye make-up.  Was her hair a wig or extensions or all of her hair?  It looked so amazing it was hard to say.  So who cares really?  She looked like a platinum blonde goddess from maybe the 40s.

Note: Check out Lady Gaga Hairstyle - How To Style - Find out all the details about Gaga's hairstyles.

After the heartfelt hug Ellen said "first of all I want to get into the outfits...not get into the outfits (literally) but I want to talk about, that would be interesting, but I want to.  It's been a year since the first time you were on the show.  Right?"

Lady G agreed.  Ellen said "one year, and look at you, you're hugeeee.  Huge in one year."

Gaga replied in her sweet voice "not as big as Ellen" and then she spread her wings to demonstrate.   The audience applauded, Ellen laughed and then she said "I mean really, that's a steep climb and very quickly, don't you agree?"

(Image of Lady Gaga performing at the 2009 AMA Awards - - All Rights Reserved)

Gaga said "It happened very fast, but I just really love my fans so much and I'm really grateful and I thank God every day, I'm just so blessed."  Ellen said "you have great fans and a lot of fans but you're so entertaining there's no one like you, I mean it's not that you're just a great singer, you're a show, you're an entertainer and you actually sing, which is very important, very important."

Lady G said "thank you Ellen.  I always think that's funny when I meet people and they say 'oh my god it's amazing you sing' and I'm like 'aren't we supposed to sing?" Ellen said "yeah, you are supposed to sing."

G replied "it's part of the gig that we're supposed to sing live, isn't it."

Ellen "when your title is 'singer' you should sing."

Gaga said "yeah, surprise!"

Ellen "not just in the studio, but when you pay money to go see somebody it's nice to hear there, even the mistakes or anything, it's nice to hear.  OK so, uh. But lets talk about the clothes, OK?  I was hugging you and this (referring to her unusual dress) what's this made of?"

Gaga said "latex"  Ellen said "OK, as she tugged on it, it's very thick, thick plastic.  Is it comfortable, is it breathable is it?"

Lady G replied "it's fashionable"  Ellen agreed "it is, it is, well?"  Gaga answered "it's from a very good friend of ours from London.  They're amazing and they make all kinds of latex fashion for me.  They did it for the Bad Romance video which I love so much."

Ellen said "we have a clip montage because seriously the outfits you come up with" (Ellen showed a montage of several of Lady Gaga's various outfits and fashions) "are...and do you all of sudden, are you dreaming, do you take some sort of drug, where does your inspiration come from when you want to say that thing that is."

Gaga said "well actually these are all different designers, well some of them are", as she pointed to a smaller scale of the screen on a computer between her and Ellen.  She continued "The Kermit The Frog outfit is Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.  What's been known as the Bird's Nest Hat is Philip Treacy one of the most famous hat designers in the world so I always think it's funny when people call it the Bird's Nest"

Note: Philip Treacy did the hat for Sarah Jessica Parker for the Sex And The City Movie Premiere.

Ellen did a shout out "Philippppp" and Lady Gaga said "whoo"

Gaga told Ellen "and we made that red one (she pointed to a gown) out of a stripper gown that I found at a store for like $8.00."

Ellen replied "so some of them you've made and some of them are.   Because I see these runway shows and I think, who buys that?  Who wears that?  You do. I mean.."

Gaga "well what I'll say, the whole point of what I do, the Monster motif, all the music, the performance aspect of it, I want to create a space for my fans where they can feel free and they can celebrate because I didn't fit in in high school and I felt like a freak so I like to create this atmosphere for my fans where they feel like they have a freak in me to hang out with and they don't feel alone."

Ellen "So it isn't really for someone to talk about you.  It's not for that, it really is to create a space for people."

Lady G "Yeah and this is really who I am and it took a long time to be OK with that.  Because I'm sure you all, you feel discriminated against and it's like you don't fit in and you want to be like everyone else but not really on the inside you want to be like Boy George, or I did anyway.  So I really, I want my fans to know it's OK, you know?  Sometimes in life you don't always feel like a winner but it doesn't mean you're not a winner."

Ellen said "I was a rebel like you wouldn't believe.  In high school I wore outfits, I think would be considered, I was in Atlanta, Texas, a very small town in Texas, Atlanta, Texas, and I wore an outfit.  I would be the Lady Gaga of Atlanta, Texas.  Look at this crazy.  I was wild.  Look at the crazy outfit I wore."  Ellen showed her famous prom photo where she wore a long plaid gown.  She emphasized "come on, come on...I was a rebel."

Lady Gaga laughed and reached over and grabbed Ellen's hand.  "Well that is shocking.  I love it. It looks great. It's very 70s looking."

Ellen said "I would love to see what you would wear.  I was ahead of my time.  I think you could carry it off."

Ellen showed her prom dress altered to show Lady Gaga's head wearing her famou metal sphere cage hat which she wore on Ellen in the past.

Ellen told Lady Gaga "Again, so I'm really a huge fan.  Lady G said "thank you Ellen, I'm a huge fan too.  Who doesn't love Ellen?"  The audience erupted with applause.  Gaga shook her head and said "nobody" She continued "my mom's backstage freaking out because she loves Ellen so much she's like 'can I meet her?' She's backstage."

Ellen misunderstood and said "she wants to feed me?"  Gaga laughed and said "no, she wants to meet you."   Ellen said "I thought you said your mother said 'can I feed her'  Gaga said "she might like to do that too."

Ellen said "well I want to meet your mother.  I do.  How's your dad?"

Gaga said "he's doing better, yeah.  I'm actually going to play later in the set the song I wrote for him Speechless at the end of the show."

Ellen "because your dad just had open heart surgery.  Right?"  Gaga nodded in agreement and said "he had open heart surgery he had an aortic value transplant and I was on the road and having a lot of trouble missing my parents and wanting to be with my dad so wrote this song "Speechless" for him to sort of beg him to get the surgery and it worked."  She flashed two thumbs up.

Ellen said "fantastic, that's good."  She continued "these are questions, and I want you to answer them honestly, OK?" She ashed "what do you watch on TV?"  Gaga said "Ellen."  Then Ellen said "what else?  Good answer.  Do you watch TV?"

Gaga said "I don't really watch very much TV, but I like watching SciFi Monster Movies and things like that."

Ellen continued "what's the best Christmas gift you have ever received or can imagine receiving?"

Gaga said "my father bought me a four track recorder when I was about 11 years old and it was this really really simple mechanism that I could just sit at the piano and hook up a mic and record by myself.  That's probably the best gift that my dad every gave me."

Ellen said "and look what this lead to.  Look what that did.  That was a smart investment."

Gaga said "be good to your parents"

Ellen said "and be good to your kids and as John Mayer said 'fathers be good to your daughters.  Daughters will, anyway...."  Lady Gaga laughed.

Ellen said "Lady Gaga, we'll be back."

It was an amazing interview and really showed a lot of inside into the fabulous Lady Gaga and her spirit, great sense of humor, sassiness and fun.  I hope Ellen is correct when she said Lady Gaga we;ll be back.  I for one will be watching."

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