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Handle Highlighted Curls With Care

Handle Highlighted Curls With Care

Before I start please note that the information provided is my own personal interpretation from years of studying hair (mine is wavy/curly), going to cosmetology school and constantly researching new products that are always coming out.  I attend several professional hair shows, seminars and events every year.

Not all experts will agree with me and as I say throughout this blog, what works for some, will not work for others.

No one has all the answers about any type, texture or condition of hair.  I don't care who they are.  You have the responsibility to find the answers for yourself and the best product for your own hair, regardless of what the "experts" say.

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Natural Curls

Naturally curly hair is naturally dry and fragile.  When curls are chemically highlighted it can become so thin and fragile that nothing seems to help.  Deep Conditioning Treatments can help.

A regular regime of deep conditioning curls can actually help make ringlets soft, manageable and like new again.  Again, not all experts agree in the benefit of deep conditioning but some people experience great benefit from deep conditioning so make your own decisions.

Another secret to lovely, defined curls a la Jenna Elfman, Taylor Swift and Julia Roberts is to use an anti-humectant styling product which helps keeps curls moist.

More Curly Hair Tips For Ringlets, Kinks And All Kinds Of Curls

The most important thing to remember about natural curls, ringlets and kinks is that every single head of natural curls is different than the next. Whether you enjoy your curls or wish they would permanently disappear is your right.

If you love your curls then embrace them and learn to care for them in the best way possible.  If you don't like your curls than consider all of your options and take the appropriate action.

General Curly Hair Tips

Listed below are some general curly hair tips which will work for the majority but not always for everyone with curls:

- Naturally curly hair can take a variety of shapes ranging from C, S and Z shapes.  A head of curly hair may have multiple curl patterns combined together.  It's more common to have different curl patterns on one head than not.

- The best hair care products for curly hair are generally those which are alcohol-free.   Since curly hair is naturally more dry (due to the cuticle's shape) than straight hair, it is more fragile.  There is no single best product.  What's best is what is best for you and your curls.

It may not look all that fragile from afar, but get close and you will see.   It's a well-known fact hair care products which contain alcohol suck up moisture and thus dry out the curls.

- Natural curls needs moisture, moisture, moisture and then some more.

- Minimize curl breakage by allowing ringlets to towel-dry or air-dry as often as possible.  Other healthy hair options include wet sets, rag rollers and pin curls.  A healthy towel-drying method includes plopping.

- Curly hair needs different cleansing cycles and products than normal hair.  Instead of using shampoo every day, curly hair people may only need to shampoo every 3-4 days or more.  Some curly haired people only cleanse with shampoo once a month.

Curly haired people may also wish to alternate between Conditioning Only washes (CO), diluted shampoo washes (DS) or Water Only (WO).  Curly hair that is cleansed too often will become dry, crunchy and damaged.  Curly hair should only be washed in lukewarm water.

- Although not all curl experts recommend the use of dry shampoo for a variety of reasons, some curly haired consumers will use dry shampoo to minimize build-up of oils and debris.  I personally like using it for my fringe but I know several curl experts who don't recommend it.  Use your own judgment.

- Many curly hair consumers will benefit from the use of moisturizing shampoos to keep the scalp moist.

- Experiment with distributing rinse-out conditioners into your hair evenly by using fingers or wide toothed comb to pull through the tresses.  Take the opportunity to detangle curls before rinsing out conditioner.

- Always finish hair cleansing regime with a cool/cold water final rinse.

- For especially dry curls, apply some 100% organic jojoba to ends and dry middle sections to help condition before cleansing.  Application of oil to the scalp is not usually recommended but there are always exceptions to every rule.

- Conditioning Only (CO) Washes require first getting hair wet with lukewarm water, applying rinse-out or deep conditioner and then rinsing well with a final cool/cold water rinse.  Rinse well.  Hair will be clean with added moisture and will retain natural moisture.

- Applying styling mousse or curl enhancing creams to damp, but not wet hair, will help control frizz and add shape.  Some mousse products have a high alcohol content so be sure to avoid any ingredients which are not compatible with your curl goals.

Other ways to control frizz - consider using some leave-in conditioning products, or anti-frizz hair serums.

- Never brush curly hair on either wet, damp or dry curls.  A brush will disturb the natural curl pattern. Instead use your fingers to "fingerpick" or use a smooth wide toothed comb with smooth teeth.  Some experts may say you should brush your hair while wet but I disagree.  Again, everyone has their own opinions.

- Manage frizzy hair by using anti-frizz serums which help add shine and moisture to hair.  Keep in mind that most hair serums contain a large amount of silicone which may or may not work with your curl type, hair texture, current condition and length.

Keep in mind that because serums tend to float on top of the cuticles they can add shine but also may leave hair oily or cause reverse dryness.

Note: Please note that while I always value you comments to my blogs, I will not be printing any comments that are self-promotional or promoting private product lines.  That is not the goal of this blog.  Thank you in advance.

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