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Amy Adams As Katy In The Office

I admit it, I am sometimes slow to get caught up with things.  Even though The Office has been a popular TV series on the air since 2005, I only got into the show in the Spring of 2009.

Which means I missed several seasons and didn't really understand the hoopla about Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinki) and crazy Michael (Steve Carell).

(Image of Amy Adams (Katy) and John Krasinki (Jim) on The Office in the episode The Fire - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

Recently I was gifted with NetFlix streaming and the first thing I searched for was The Office, all the seasons.

I was amazed to discover that Amy Adams, looking incredibly cute, played Jim's girlfriend for three epsiodes during 2005.  She first showed up at The Office to sell handbags in the episode "Hot Girl".

Even though Michael was originally not willing to let her come in and sell, when he saw how hot she was he not only relented, he moved her into the conference room so she could have a better place to sell.

(Image of Amy Adams as "Katy" on The Office episode The Fire - 2005 - NBC - All Rights Reserved).

Although Dwight (Rainn Wilson) asked Katy out she replied with a strong "no" and that was that.  Michael also offered to give her a ride home from "The Office" but it was Jim who caught her eye.  After some flirty interchange Jim asked Katy out.

In the episode titled "The Fire" while the staff was out in the parking lot after a fire occurred in the office's toaster oven due to Ryan's (B.J. Novak) user error, Katy pulled up in her cute little silver car, kissed Jim and made Pam jealous.

Amy actually looked very young and fresh and her hair was a gorgeous shade of dark red.  Her hair was below her shoulders and cascaded from lush volume throughout the roots all the way to barely-there waves and curls throughout the perimeter of the hairstyle.

It was ironic that when Pam saw Jim and Katy together, she had a flash of jealously which she immediately rationalized away and Jim saw Pam and her finance together kissing and he had pangs as well.  It was a very interesting episode and showed the growing feelings Jim and Pam had for each other even though Pam was engaged and not officially available.

Yes, I will be streaming all the episodes of The Office until I am completely caught up.  It took me awhile to get into the series because of the pacing and the way the characters always talk to each other.

(Image of Amy Adams as "Katy" from the back talking to Jim with the rest of The Office team watching - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

Once I got the rhythm of the episodes I was hooked completely and mainly because of Jim and Pam.  I just can't stop watching them.

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