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Whitney Port Dishes On Her Love Life And Why She's Not Dating Right Now

Whitney Port was on Bonnie Hunt today (Monday, November 23. 2009).  Bonnie introduced Whitney by saying "our next guest we know from her days on "The Hills" and now we can all see her on her own show "The City."

Bonnie then showed a clip of Whitney on a fix-up date where the guy asked Whitney to "join forces" when it came to the bill.  Whitney reacted as if she thought it was weird that her date asked her to pay her share of the date.

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Whitney Eve Dress With Long Beachy Waves

After Whitney arrived on stage with her trademark highlighted blonde hair worn down in a cascade of soft beachy waves in a gorgeous short sassy dress from her collection, she and Bonnie discussed the idea of "joining forces" on a date.

Bonnie told Whitney she looked "so cute" and told the audience the dress Whitney was wearing "was one of her own dresses she designed."  Bonnie said "good for you." Whitney said "yeah my very own Whitney Eve".

Bonnie told Whitney she "watched" her "on The Hills" and her mom "was always very concerned about you.  You were her favorite."  Whitney said "ohhhhh"  Bonnie said "I bet you get that a lot because you seem to have your head on pretty tightly and in the right direction."

Whitney Stayed True To Herself

Whitney said "I mean, yeah, it's flattering, but yeah I never did anything for drama's sake.  You know, like I wanted to say true to myself and obviously was very reserved on The Hills, I never showed my personal life so I get that people think that about me I guess."

Bonnie replied "but now you've moved onto this other show and for somebody at home who's watching it, it's a reality show where you are yourself and there's cameras around you all the time."

Whitney said "yeahhhh, yeahhhh"

Bonnie continued "to move onto "The City" it's very personal I mean it's all about you and what's happening in your life.

Filming The City Was Scary And Big Decision

Whitney "yeah, it's scary.  It's scary, I never thought I would be able to do it.  When the producers came to me and were like we want you to do is, I had to make a huge list of pros and cons with my parents because I mean, it's sooooooo invasive.  You know, but, it's hard."

Bonnie said "there's a lot of levels to it too because you're whole family's in Los Angeles you were going to move to New York"  Whitney shook her head in agreement and said "everyone's there."  Bonnie said "you're one of five children, right?"

Whitney replied "I'm the middle child of five children. Yeah."

Bonnie said "yeah to leave and to go all the way to New York, live in an apartment and be on a Reality TV show where they're following you all the time, but you have to be homesick?"

Whitney Is Homesick All The Time

Whitney paused and said "I'm homesick all the time.  Yeah, my family's really close, but I have a whole other life that people don't see as well and that's not to say that that show isn't true to life, but I keep things separate, you know, I have a group of best friends that are never on the show, I have my family.  I have you know, a business that's not on the show, sooooo."

Bonnie said "well I think it's interesting for young girls to know who watch the show to know that this is just an aspect of your life.  It's not really three dimensional, it's probably two dimensional."

Whitney said "right" Bonnie continued "with some drama thrown in from the production."  Whitney shook her head "definitely, definitely."

Still Talking To Jay

Bonnie said "what about that guy? You were set up with him?"  Whitney said "oh my gosh, was he crazy or what?" Bonnie said "well what was the deal?  You were set up with him, you meet him at the, then oh remember, doesn't he give the initials of a store?"

Whitney said "Yeah, the LV.  And I was a little embarrassed afterwards."  Bonnie said "why?"  Whitney explained "well he made me feel like I should have clearly known."

The Weird Set Up Date

Bonnie "please it says so much more about him than it ever did about you."  Whitney laughed and said "well I hope so, but I was so taken aback by that.  And I, I didn't know at the end with the joining forces thing, like I didn't know if that was kinda old fashioned of me to expect him to pay, but it was a little bit bizarre wasn't it, like it's a little bit weird."

Bonnie "I don't think it's old fashioned I think, it's not like you were out for a three course meal or something you know what I mean"

Whitney "right, and then for him to start eating off my plate as well. And then he wanted me to pay?"

Bonnie "oh I know, that drove me crazy." Whitney "then I was like, hey listen this meal was actually for you, not even for me."

Who Is Whitney Currently Dating?

Bonnie "who are you dating now?" Whitney said "No one."  Bonnie seemed surprised and said "really, you're completely not dating anyone?  What about that guy Jay?"

Whitney answered "Jay, I still talk to Jay actually."  Bonnie was incredulous "why, why do girls still talk to them? You need to clean out the basement. Make room for new memories."

Whitney said "this is true."

Bonnie continued "is there someone you have a crush on?  Is there somebody you met you're hoping to go out with? Are we going to see it on The Hills, I mean The City?  What's going on?"

Whitney Is Crushing On Robert Pattinson Of Twilight Fame

Whitney laughed and said "I mean, other than Robert Pattinson right now?" Bonnie said "Really?  Why don't you go out with Nick, our band leader (who was dressed as a vampire for the show)."

Whitney said "yeah, really" and continued teasingly "he's so my type."

Bonnie said "are you into the whole Twilight thing?"  Whitney said "you know what, I wasn't and then all of a sudden I got weirdly crazed by it something took over me and I got, I think it's him (Robert Pattinson) I think I'm just like under his spell."  Shaking her head and laughing she said "I don't know."

Bonnie said "are you going to ride a motorcycle really fast (referencing the movie and how Bella tries to win Robert's attention) like the girl in the movie?" Whitney laughed "I wouldn't mindddd."

Debunking The Damsel In Distress

Bonnie "but don't you agree it shouldn't always be the Damsel in Distress to win the guy's affections."

Whitney said "oh 100% yeah.  No. Right now I feel I need to focus on myself, I need to learn who I really am before I can kinda give myself to someone else, you know?" Bonnie "Yep, you've always been very smart that way. Yeah, just stick with your family."

Whitney "and Roxie helps me as well." Bonnie said "Roxie, that's right."

Whitney said "I watched her on your show.  I didn't know that you guys lived like basically right next to each other."

Bonnie "Right next door, she grew up next door, Roxie. And to see her on the show now it's" Whitney "it's so crazy, right?"

Bonnie "Yeah, it's like watching your niece on television. And saying look what's she's up to I better call her and make sure she's OK."

Whitney Used To Trick Or Treat At Bonnie Hunt's House

Whitney "I used to go trick or treating on your street."

Bonnie "I remember, you guys were really cute. All grown up.  It's fun, it's fun to see that you are making choices in life that are wise and are important for you and for your integrity." Whitney smiled and replied "un huh"

Bonnie "Just keep it up, just keep it up.  I know it's not easy especially with all those cute guys all over the show.  I live vicariously through all you girls."

Whitney "I can handle it."

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