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Dry your hands before picking up your razor. Though they will get wet again, it will help you get a firmer grip on your razor and help you shave more evenly.

If the razor does drop from your hands and hits the porcelain of your tub or shower, change the razor cartridge as the fall may have damaged the blades and could lead to nicks and cuts.

Use a shave cream like PURE SILK in Coconut & Oat Flour as it works better than gel in the steamy environment of your shower.

(Image of Pure Silk - Pure Silk - All Rights Reserved)

Additionally, Pure Silk's new 100% rust-proof aluminum cans are seamless, stopping rust from forming anywhere, including the side seams, top and bottom.

Along with Pure Silk's user-friendly features, these new aluminum cans are better for the environment.  Aluminum requires less energy to recycle than steel (tin-plate).

Additionally, the new Pure SilkR cans are ten percent smaller in size and lighter in weight, using less material overall, while providing the same amount of product per can.

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