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Actor Dwayne Johnson Talks About Dating And What He Wants In A Woman

Ellen greeted Dwayne Johnson, after the audience stopped clapping, whooping and hollering,  when he recently appeared on her talk show by saying "well you have let yourself go."

Dwayne said "I just said..forget know?"

The talk show hostess replied "you know, I just can't even bother anymore...WOW..Dwayne you look great. You look fantastic."

(Image from Planet 51 - Starring Dwayne Johnson - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen and Dwayne discussed the fact the last time Dwayne stopped by her show he was just about to host The Kid's Choice Awards.  The talk show hostess asked "how was that?" and the actor said "it was a great experience".  He explained what it's like to have 5,000 kids screaming at the top of the lungs.   It said it's "crazy".

Ellen showed a clip of Dwayne with Miley Cyrus where they were both dressed the same and Dwayne was in an orange dress.  She also showed a clip of everyone getting "slimed" by the green goop that is famous for being dispensed at The Kid's Choice Awards shows.

Dwayne said "the noise is deafening.  What's great about that show is that you could tell the kids, whoa, you can tell the kids anything and they'll go crazy, hey you want ice cream...they scream, hey you like my tattoos....they scream, they just go nuts but it was awesome, I loved it."

Ellen said "it's so great because you're, obviously first you were a wrestler and now you're an actor and you're doing so many different things like that it seems like you're a good catch, it seems like you're, you know, a good, because you're tough and you're strong, but you're also funny and charming and sweet and you love kids and I guess what I'm getting at, is are you dating?"

Dwayne laughed and said "yeah, I am. Yah sure."  The audience reacted by saying awww like they were disappointed and Dwayne said "ahhh he's dating, booo."

Ellen asked Dwayne Johnson "but it's nothing serious, is there someone serious or are you just dating? There's plenty of opportunity."  The audience cheered and Dwayne continued to laugh.

Dwayne said "Hey, nice, see me after the show (to the audience).  Yeah, it's been going great, dating is always a very interesting process."  Ellen asked "and what are you looking for?  Or let's narrow it down, what are you looking for in a woman, what kind of woman do you like?"

Dwayne said "I would say number one she has to have a strong sense of self, a strong sense of independence, self motivated, and loves family, loves country that's very important."

Ellen repeated by saying "someone who is really comfortable with themselves?"  Dwayne said "I think so, sure, without a doubt, someone who's comfortable in their own skin."

Ellen said "when you have a strong sense of self I think it frees you up, it allows you to do things that somebody who's insecure wouldn't do. For instance, someone's who insecure would not wear this outfit."  Ellen then showed a photo of Dwayne dressed as an angel with big blue wings.

Dwayne laughed heartily as Ellen said "you have a strong sense of self, wearing that."  Dwayne said "I have a very strong sense of something, yeah yeah."

Ellen asked "what is that, referring to the angel costume Dwayne was wearing."  Dwayne said "that's from a movie we have coming out called 'The Tooth Fairy' which will be out in January where I turn into the Tooth Fairy, a very very funny movie, great cast, Ashley Judd plays my girlfriend in it, Julie Andrews plays my fairy godmother and Billy Crystal's in it as well."

Dwayne continued "the funny thing is that the very first time I met Billy Crystal of who I have been such a huge fan of for so many years, I see him and I'm wearing that blue outfit, he looks at me and gives me a big hug and says 'man you've got balls' Dwayne said he told Billy, "thank you."

Dwayne teased Ellen and pointed to the image on the screen "you can almost see them."  Dwayne laughed and the audience applauded wildly.  Dwayne is obviously a hugely popular guest on the show and Ellen seems to enjoy playing and teasing with him.  He has a deep booming laugh and seems to enjoy the banter with Ellen.

Ellen played a clip of Dwayne in "Planet 51" where he is the voice of the astronaut.  He shares a bit from the film and talks about taking a typical science fiction theme and turns it on it's ear.  He said that in essence "he's the alien."

Dwayne said "now looking back, what a resemblance, I play an amazing blonde, and white with blue eyes."  Ellen agreed "so typecast."  Ellen asked "do you believe in aliens, do you believe aliens exist?"

Dwayne said "Now the snickers come. Yeah, I got to tell you, there was one time that I swore I saw aliens or I saw something, it was this incredible moment and then I realized I was just drunk and I'm just seeing things right now."

Ellen had someone dressed as an alien walk up from the back of the stage and jump on Dwayne's chair to try and scare him.  Dwayne didn't really react at all but he laughed heartily.

Ellen said "you didn't get scared.  I thought you would get more scared.  Do you get scared easily?"

Dwayne said "no, you know, I'm a man and a half, you can't scare me."

Ellen told Dwayne "I love when you stop by, you look great"  and Dwayne said "feel better, feel better with your back."

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