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Will Shortages Of Hot Beauty Products And Gifts Prevail This Christmas?

n 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids set off a major Christmas shopping frenzy with Holiday shoppers scouring malls with many motivated shoppers coming up empty handed and extremely frustrated.

Other hotly sought after Christmas gifts included select Beanie Babies in the 1990s, Tickle Me Elmo in 1998, Pokemon in 1999 and PlayStation 2 in 2000.  In 2002 the hot product was Nike Air Force 1 and 2004 saw a buying frenzy for the iPod mini and Nintendo DS. 2005 launched frenzied searching for Xbox 360 and iPods.

(Image of Jessica Simpson wearing the newly released Clip-in Bangs from HairDo - - All Rights Reserved).

The beauty and hair industry has had their own list of desirable fragrances, gift sets and even accessories like Conair's past braider tools and HairDo's Jessica Simpson clip-in hair extensions.

Contrary to popular knowledge, product scarcity, whether in the hair, beauty, toy or electronics industries is a deliberate marketing ploy utilized by savvy product companies who understand the mystique of desirability.

While manufacturers of popular toys, electronics and beauty products protest against accusations of deliberate Christmas time shortages, many insiders believe that in fact the shortages are carefully planned to whip up shopping frenzies.  After all, supply and demand is a historical trend that continues to function in current times.

(Image of Jessica Simpson Clip-In Bangs - - All Rights Reserved)

During 2005 at the height of the Xbox and iPod nano craze both Microsoft and Apple denied masterminding a buying frenzy of any kind and claimed they were shipping everything they manufactured.  Other experts were skeptical of their claims.

Fast forward to 2009.  Will shortages of hot Christmas gifts continue to work in 2009 with the current economic challenges?  Some retail experts believe the shortage card has been overplayed and consumers are now wise to the planned shopping crazes.  Whether they are or not, a lukewarm shopping season is expected due to ongoing economic challenges.

What are the hot beauty product items for 2009?  Beauty insiders believe fragrance will be a big gift along with Do-It-Yourself beauty and hair related gifts like clip-in bangs, ponies, hair extensions, wigs and related wearable hair.

Beauty bargains and gift cards are also high on the shopping lists of many including nail care items and practical gifts.

(Image of Jessica Simpson wearing clip-on ponytail - - All Rights Reserved).

Which is probably why so many celebrities are stumping their way through daytime talk shows talking about their new fragrances.  Some of the celebs on the fragrance bandwagon with new scents include Pamela Anderson (recently on Ellen to promote her new drugstore brand), Mariah Carey and Faith Hill, to name just a few.

Why is fragrance such a hot gift?  Depending on the brand they can be more affordable than other gifts and are easily returnable.

Regardless, retail shopping experts are watching closely to see if and what hot beauty products and gifts will emerge for Christmas 2009 and whether or not buying frenzies will pop up.

Stay tuned.

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