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Basic Good Hair Style Rules

Consistent good hair days evolve over time after evaluating best hair length, style, products and maintenance requirements.

Once you have discovered what works best for you and your hair you can live by your own good hair rules.

Listed below are some suggestions for building your own custom hair style plan. Be willing to experiment and find your own way.

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1. Comfort Is Key - Select a hair length and style that is fun, easy to maintain and makes you feel great about yourself. It's important you enjoy your hair. Love how you wear your hair and enjoy it. Wear it for you and no one else.

2. Have A Go Anywhere Hairstyle - Always have a classic hairstyle you can easily create for both casual and formal events. You may wish to keep hair accessories keyed to your various hair styles such as a jeweled headband or clips for twists or updos.

Clip-in ponytails, bangs and hair extensions are also great standby hair styling options that can instantly transform your hair into good hair days.

3. Keep It Quick - Keep your daily hair care and styling routines quick and efficient. Consider incorporating time saving tricks such as wrapping newly washed hair into wet buns or loose braids for air drying.

Opt for quick hair styles such as twists and a range of ponytails. Stock your bathroom with dry shampoo and other styling products which help smooth out a variety of hair styling issues.

(Image - Goldwell - All Rights Reserved)

4. Accentuate The Positive - focus on the best aspects of your hair (type, texture, condition, length) and amp it up. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, show off your natural texture. If straight or fine, take advantage of natural softness and shimmer. Embrace and enhance your shine.

5. Skimp On The Shampoo - Try extending your shampoo cycle, if appropriate, to once or twice a week rather than once a day. Do a Conditioning Only (CO) or clear water wash during in- between shampoo sessions.

6. Work With The Best - Find a great hairdresser and/or hair colorist and form a relationship with them so that they can get to know your hair and help you keep it looking it's best. When appropriate have a separate hairdresser for cuts and styling and a haircolorist for highlights, low lights and color.

Note: To find a hairdresser stop by the Hairstylist Directory

(Image from Goldwell - All Rights Reserved)

7. Show off your own hair style. While it's great to look at celebrities and others for inspiration, let your true personality shine through. If you love a celebrity's style take it and make it your own.

Note: Visit the Hairstyle Gallery to view thousands of hairstyles including celebrity hairstyles.

8. Buy Timeless Hair Accessory Treasures - Buy hair accessories which can be worn for years. Invest in a good piece like one from couture designers like or celebrity's style or Tarina Tarantino that is timeless and will hold and increase in value over time.

9. Less Can Be More - Invest in the very best hair care products and tools you can afford. You can dilute hair care products or use them in a manner as to stretch their use as long as possible. You can also use your hair tools so that you get the longest use from them.

Keep in mind that inexpensive hair care products may damage or dry out hair over time which require expensive conditioning treatments to repair your hair.

10. Be Yourself - Let your true hair personality shine through. If you love traditional hairstyles, wear them with pride. If you love edgy looks, blow it out and admire your customized styles.

Once you have your own customized good hair plan be willing to tweak it as you work with your professional hairdresser or hair colorist or change your hair goals and desires.


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