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Raquel Welch Named In Top 25 Sexiest Women In Film Of All Time By GQ Magazine

Last November Raquel Welch was included in the list of the 25 sexiest women in film of all time by gentleman's magazine, GQ.

No surprise there.  Many fans as well as beauty and fashion critics agree Raquel is still sizzling hot in her 60s.

Even though Raquel was born September 5, 1940, she is still considered gorgeous, looking decades younger than her biological age.

In the GQ article Raquel was quoted as saying "I didn't realize it then, but the way I looked was a real departure from the previous pre-eminent sex symbol, who was Marilyn Monroe."

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The original body, as she was called back at the height of her fame, also said "that was such a different image...I was this outdoorsy, bronzed athletic body...and people picked up on that change."

As GQ pointed out, Raquel was a new kind of women that movie audiences were beginning to love.  The movie star definitely caught the attention of men everywhere when she appeared in the film 100 Rifles where she appeared outside in a shower only wearing a khaki shirt.

As the stunning actress got wet in the shower the shirt soaked through and men realized how different Raquel was from Marilyn Monroe or any other sex symbols at the time.

Raquel made a name not only for her body but her amazing hair.  The actress became famous for her long flowing red tresses which were also lush with lots of volume throughout the roots.  From that viewpoint she was also a departure from Marilyn Monroe who was known for her shorter bleached blonde bubble style hair.

Raquel is still famous for her tresses being the name behind the HairUWear Raquel Welch line of fabulous wigs.

In fact, Raquel has been featured in many hair and beauty magazines because of her fabulous Raquel Welch line.  In the Hair Preview 2008 Magazine Raquel Welch's wigs were featured under the heading of "I can’t believe it’s a wig!"

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