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Chef Blythe Beck Of Central 214 Is Fabulous!

Although I had originally read the summary for Oxygen's Naughty Kitchen reality show with Chef Blythe Beck of Dallas' Central 214 I had not had a chance to watch any of the episodes until today (Sunday, October 25, 2009).  Now that I've watched the show, I'm now totally addicted.

(Image of Chef Blythe Beck - Oxygen's Naughty Kitchen - All Rights Reserved).

I've never had the opportunity to eat at Central 214, but have been to Hotel Palomar.  Even though Naughty Kitchen - Episode #101 shows Blythe receiving a scathing two Star review from The Dallas Morning News (DMN), I'm still going to make it a point to go eat there.

I love Blythe's fire and zest.  Yes, I know it's a reality TV show, but Blythe comes across as very real.  I wanted to climb inside my TV set and put my arms around Blythe to give her a hug as she cried over the nasty DMN review.

If anything, I'm going to take the DMN restaurant reviews less seriously.  Yes, of course the reviewer is entitled to their opinions, but it's still heart wrenching because obviously Blythe is hard working with tremendous energy and presence.

Even though Blythe was initially down about the review, which anyone would be, she was only bummed out for a short period of time.  She picked herself up after "lots of vodka therapy at Vickery Park" and decided she was just going to be better and there's no doubt she will.

I love that Blythe shares her feelings about being stressed or scared.  With Blythe what you see if what you get and it's a great package of honesty and determination.  I can't wait to experience her food at Central 214.  I'll let you know how it goes for sure but I have no doubt it will be amazing.

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