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Alison Sweeney Shows Off Baby's Mohawk

Alison Sweeney who appeared on Ellen when she was still pregnant with her 9 month old daughter, Megan Hope, appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show recently to discuss her ongoing hostess role on TV's The Biggest Loser along with other tidbits.

In fact, when Alison was pregnant with Megan she and Ellen played a prank on the audience pretending that the soap opera star was actually going into labor.

The mohawk hairstyle which has been famous by the kids of other celebrities including Angie and Brad's kids as well as Gwen Steffani's son, has a new competitor for "best Mohawk".

Alison talked about the whole focus of "second chances on The Biggest Loser" and how Daniel had been on last season but it back on again this season.

Alison said Daniel "did really well, he lost over 100 pounds at the finale but we wanted to bring him back because he was still in the 300s and we wanted to continue that journey with him."  She also said "we also have Shea who's the heaviest contestant we've ever had at 470 some odd pounds and she's done really well."

Ellen showed a photo of Biggest Loser's Daniel on the screen and Alison pointed out "Daniel picked Shea to be his teammate." Alison also pointed out Shea and said "she's amazing, she's such a great person."

Alison, who was wearing her blonde hair very long and lush also talked about Abby Rike, a 35 year old teacher from Mabank, Texas who Alison said "is doing really well".  Tragically Abby lost her husband and two young children in a fatal car accident in October 2006.

Abby has been searching for a way to finally get back to a "normal" life and felt that would happen when she lost the weight.

After discussing The Biggest Loser contestants Alison starting discussing her 9 month old baby girl.  A photo of the baby was flashed onscreen.  The baby has an obvious blonde Mohawk hairstyle with each side of her head slightly shaved.

Ellen wanted to know what was up with Megan's hairstyle and said "explain that" since the hairstyle was a little unconventional.

Alison said that she was acting on the advice of her hairdresser who told her "in Latin American cultures they have a thing where they shave babies heads because when their hair's baby fine, it makes it grow back thicker," Alison told Ellen. "And it's like an old wives' tale."

Note: It's true that this is an old wives tale and there is no evidence shaving a baby's head will impact the ultimate growth of the hair.

Alison admitted to Ellen she "told my mom this story over a glass of champagne.... or two" she started laughing "and so we shaved her head."  Alison continued "so of course if you're going to do it, you have to do the Mohawk first"

Ellen said "It's a good idea.  What you want to do is start drinking first and then you get out the buzzer.  It's a good mother/daughter bonding experience, to be drunk and shaving your grandchild's head."

Alison protested "but it's grown back thicker! It really has! It's cute and thick and blonde."

Ellen said "I hope she doesn't grow back having a bit of an Afro."  Ellen said I'm serious "our niece has one side that's not growing at all."

Alison said "It's a bit of a Chia Pet sort of thing."  Ellen said "alright, poor little girl (Megan)."  Alison said "oh she's living large are you kidding?"  Ellen said "she's a cute baby."

Alison also has a 4 1/2 year old son Benjamin with her husband.

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