Banishing Bad Hair Days since 1997!™ Named as the First Online Provider of Lumixyl Skin-Brightening Creme Named as the First Online Provider of Lumixyl Skin-Brightening Creme

Prescription-Grade Complexion-Perfecting Technology Now Available

Omaha, NE - October 15, 2009 - A more even complexion and discoloration-free skin are now just a web stop away., where dermatologist-recommended skin care, makeup and beauty products from the leading skincare providers can be obtained at the best available prices, has just been named the first online resource for Lumixyl MD Topical Brightening Creme.

Lumixyl's non-toxic formulation is safe for all skin types and clinical studies have shown effects that are as good, or better than those obtained with hydroquinone.

Exclusively licensed by Envy Medical, Lumixyl is a synthetic peptide that improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation without irritation or side effects. Its patent-pending formulation consists of a chain of 10 amino acids that work in combination to reduce skin discoloration, age spots, sun spots and uneven skin tones.

The cream's groundbreaking technology consists of the only peptide that has been measurably proven to promote healthy skin by blocking the enzyme responsible for stimulating the overproduction of melanin.

While melanin is naturally produced by the skin, an overabundance of melanin can cause uneven pigmentation and dark spots.

Until recently, this skin-brightening cream could be obtained only through select physicians. Now, for the first time, through an exclusive online arrangement, Lumixyl MD is recognized as a cosmeceutical and can be purchased via the Web without a prescription or doctor visit.

Lumixyl MD causes little or no irritation, allergic reactions or sun sensitivity, and studies show positive benefits when compared to hydroquinone.

One study, conducted at Stanford University, where the cream was produced, showed a 40 percent reduction in skin pigmentation in Lumixyl MD users versus 7 percent in hydroquinone users. What's more, Lumixyl MD users noticed reduction in as few as eight weeks.

For those patients who have tried hydroquinone in the past and found it to be too irritating, this product is a welcome option that they will want to try.

Additionally, many patients aren't candidates for hydroquinones, due to safety concerns, and Lumixyl MD is the alternative to improve brown spots or melasma.

Envy Medical initiated a rigorous selection process before choosing as the exclusive online retailer of Lumixyl MD.

Curtis Cluff, Envy's CEO, explains, "Ultimately, what it boiled down to was Dr. Joel Schlessinger's experience using Lumixyl in his practice, and his ability to reach patients in areas where Lumixyl is not currently available.

As the Midwest's most respected name in dermatology and past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, we also felt confident that he and would meet and exceed the leading physician standard we set for distribution of our product."

Dr. Schlessinger takes that commitment seriously. "We try to offer different options for consumers, and skin pigmentation is one of our customer's main concerns.

Many don't want to use hydroquinone-containing preparations, so this is a great addition to the options available. I'm excited to exclusively be able to offer Lumixyl MD Topical Brightening Cream to customers."

Individuals who have always dreamed of picture-perfect skin that is free of discoloration can learn more about Lumixyl MD Topical Brightening Cream online at Interested media may arrange a meeting with company management by calling (772) 633-8337.

About, founded in 1997, serves a customer base of hundreds of thousands, and the company blends cosmetic dermatology with the highest quality of products available to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Joel Schlessinger, MD., the company's founder, is the past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery and the Nebraska Dermatology Society.

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