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Katy Perry Wears Tarina Tarantino For Promo on MTV's Video Music Awards

Katy Perry wore Twitter's fabulous Dollskin Heart Charm Earrings in Pink in a promotional ad for MTV's Video Music Awards (VMAs)!

The Tarina Tarantino Accessory line was founded in 1995 by Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso Campos.

(Image of Katy Perry courtesy of Tarina Tarantino - All Rights Reserved)

The 1990's were the height of minimalism in the fashion world. Accessories were almost non existent in the pages of fashion magazines and stores.

Tarina's colorful and inventive designs were a breath of fresh air for customers that were tired of blending into the fashion landscape. Girls looking for ways to personalize their own style finally had a choice.

Tarina Tarantino wanted to bring accessories made with the highest quality materials infused with color, sparkle, and unique design into the marketplace. Tarina believed that there should not be any rules when it comes to creating your own personal style.

Tarina's collections had an immediate appeal to girls of ALL ages. The collection began with beads, crystals, sandpaper, inspiration and tons of determination from our one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood.

In the beginning Tarina Tarantino did everything in house from design, sales, production, shipping and PR. Eventually  some help was hired and the business continued to grow.

(Image of Katy Perry courtesy of Tarina Tarantino - All Rights Reserved)

When Tarina's apartment could no longer accommodate the growing little company (the bedroom was the stockroom and Tarina and Alfonso had to climb over stacks of boxes to get to the kitchen) the couple found a charming studio space in West Hollywood and made it official.

They painted the walls with pearlescent colors inspired by one of their favorite films "The Umbrellas of Cherebourg". The studio was soon frequented by celebrities, stylists and fashion editors wanting to get their sparkling fix. Tarina would often be asked to create last minute pieces for stars to wear to their latest red carpet event.

Soon Tarina and her designs were appearing in every major fashion magazine and many TV shows including Oprah, CNN & Access Hollywood.

In August 1998 PEOPLE magazine did a profile story on the success of Tarina's hair jewelry and in October 1999 INSTYLE magazine did a feature story on our wedding and the launch of TARINA TARANTINO BRIDE.

The next couple of years Tarina continued to set trends with new and innovative Jewelry and accessory designs.

In 2002, legendary fashion icon Elio FIORUCCI invited Tarina Tarantino to open a store inside his Italian mega-store in the center of Milan.

The TARINA TARANTINO brand quickly became the "must have" with the fashion elites. After one year, we moved the store to a bigger location in Via Passarella. The new store was an instant success.

With the expansion of the Tarina Tarantino brand Tarina and Alfonso again found a need for more production and design space and moved the entire operation to a spacious loft in downtown LA.

Simultaneously they opened their first corporate showroom in the heart of the fashion district. The TARINA TARANTINO boutique in Milan was attracting buyers from all over Europe. The next logical move was to open a European division and corporate showroom in Milan, Italy. Designed as a smaller version of the L.A. showroom, buyers and fashion editors say they love to find any excuse to pay a visit.

TARINA TARANTINO can be found at along with the best stores around the world.

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