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Big Brother 11: Michele Leaves Stink - Doesn't Bathe For Two Days

On the Big Brother After Dark show on Showtime 2 from Friday night, August 22nd, Jeff and Jordan were shown initially playing cards on the Head of Household Bed.

For those not in the loop, the beautiful blonde Jordan was the Head of Household (HoH) the previous week due to handsome hunk Jeff throwing the contest. This current week Jeff is the Head of Household having won it fairly and squarely.

(Pictured: Michele , 27 yrs, of Pasadena, CA. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS - ©2009 CBS Broadcasting, Inc., All Rights Reserved).

When you win the Head Of Household you get to stay for one luxurious week in the HoH room which has a large comfy bed and a hot shower and bathtub.  The HoH room is stocked with the reigning HoH's favorite foods, treats and other goodies.

Jordan & Jesse Sleeping Together In HoH Bedroom

When Jordan was the HoH she invited Jeff to sleep with her every night in the best bedroom in the house.  Now that Jeff is HoH Jordan is again enjoying the benefits of the HoH bedroom. 

It should be noted that Jordan has been very clear about the fact she is not "fooling around" with Jeff.  While they have kissed, that is the extent of their intimacy at this point in the game.

Sniffing Body Odor In The HoH Bed?

After playing cards such as GoFish for awhile Jeff decided to go to sleep and asked Jordan to rub his back, which he hurt in the Head Of Household competition.  Jordan was rubbing his back with Jeff face down on the bed.  He started to sniff and Jordan asked him "are you smelling your armpits?"

(Image of Head of Household private bathroom - Photo: John P. Filo/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

Jeff said "no....this smell....because Michele took a nap in here today"  Jordan laughed and then Jeff said "and I heard her say outside she didn't take a shower in two days."  Jordan said "oh....shut up."

Jeff said "yeah".  Jordan said "where did she....what side did she sleep on?"  Jeff pointed to the side where Jordan was sitting and Jordan again said "shut up."

Jeff said "yeah, it's F****** gross. Jordan said "eeehhh, she hasn't showered in two days?"

Jeff said "it smells like BO (body odor) a little bit, smell it." Jordan said "I don't, I know its not me."

Jeff agreed "I know."  Jordan said "eeehh she didn't shower in two days?  That's kind of nasty.  She said last night that her husband said she smells, she's the smelliest person.  He knows."

(Photo to the side and below - Big Brother House Outside Gathering area - Photo: John P. Filo/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

Why Is Michele Not Showering?

It's true as Jeff told Jordan that Michele did say she hadn't showered in two days while she was sitting on the outside patio couch with Russell.   Michele had gone inside the Big Brother house to change out of her swimming suit and came back out in a t-shirt and shorts.   It was approximately 9:30 pm.  Michele was sitting on the corner of one couch with Russell and Jeff.

Jeff mentioned "it's a perfect night to sleep with your windows open."  Michele and Russ agreed.  Jeff started to nod off in his chair having previously said he gets tired "around this time" but is "wide awake around 1:00."

Michele told Russ she was getting "bites" and pulled some sort of insect off Russell's stomach.  He thanked her.  She said "what should we do for the next few hours?" Russell said he was having a hard time sleeping and was in the zone between sleeping and waiting up.

Russell asked Michele "have you showered yet?"  Michele said "noooooooo" then he said "did you shower yesterday?"  she said "nooooo" and then she asked him "do I smell bad, please be honest, be honest."  Russ leaned over and whispered to Michele that Big Brother had not yet turned the water from hot to cold.

(Image of Michele from Big Brother 11 - All Rights Reserved - CBS).

Although Michele was initially shown at the beginning of the show sitting in the hot tub in her bathing suit with Russell, Jeff, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie, maybe she's wasn't showering because Big Brother was supposed to turn the House Guest's shower water back to cold.  Apparently they didn't.

Big Brother Have Not Houseguests Only Get Cold Water Showers

Afterall, Michele and Russell are now the current two HaveNots in the house.  Being a HaveNot means sleeping in the most uncomfortable HaveNot room which is basically a slab with a small mattress and a simple blanket.  It also means being able to only eat what is known as Big Brother Slop and showing with cold water only.

If Michele is not fond of showering in general maybe she is less fond of taking a cold shower.  That's certainly understandable.

Michele's Perspiration Stains

When Michele won her brief reign as Head Of Household she was wearing a green teeshirt and she lifted her arms up in the air to show victory.  At that point the camera showed she had dark perspiration stains under her arms.

Maybe Michele is a brain but she is less enamored of showering and dealing with perspiration issues?  Who knows.  In the Big Brother house everyone acts a little crazy so anything is possible.

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