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Jessica Simpson Only Shampoos Her Hair 3-4 Times A Month To Protect Her Delicate Tresses

Jessica Simpson keeps her famous long blonde tresses looking spectacular by following the world class advice of her Hollywood Mane Man - hairdresser Ken Paves.

Ken understands the importance of less is more and has advised Jessica to cut back on her shampoo sessions from a daily ritual to once a week when possible.

Many beauty experts and bloggers such as suggest washing your hair less often to prevent ongoing hair problems like split ends or other potential damage. suggests "don't wash your hair every day. Washing it will take away all the beneficial oils from your hair and consequently damage it."

(Image of Jessica Simpson - - All Rights Reserved).

In fact, because Jess has chemically treated hair (with highlights and lowlights) which tends to be naturally dry, Ken encourages Jessica to cleanse her hair only 3-4 times a month.

Although is not always possible, Jessica bridges her shampoo sessions with dry shampoo products, popping on her famous HairDo clip-in extensions and wearing her beautiful new Jessica Simpson HairDo wigs.

Jessica also knows Ken's secret tip of using a make-up brush and face powder in a translucent shade to touch up dirty or oily fringe or hairline areas.

The beautiful blonde reality star has confessed to brushing colored eye shadow on her roots and throughout her hairline to camouflage roots or match them to whatever clip-in hair piece she might select in a different color than her normal baby blonde hue.

(Image of Jessica Simpson - - All Rights Reserved).

Jess also plays with a range of cute hats, caps and hair accessories to banish any indication of oily, greasy or dirty tresses.  Who would have ever guessed Jessica doesn't shampoo every single day?

In reality Ken Paves is absolutely correct.  Whenever possible you should extend the amount of time between shampoo sessions as long as possible.  Not only does it save wear and tear on your delicate hair color, it prevents other damage that accompanies applying shampoo and any type of hair drying tools.

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