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Brad Pitt On Bill Maher Discussing Legalization Of Pot & Gay Marriage

Looking relaxed and incredibly handsome actor Brad Pitt appeared on Bill Maher's HBO show (Real Time With Bill Maher) on Friday, August 14th.  Before he appeared on stage with Bill a clip of his latest movie - Inglourious Basterds - was shown.

(Image of Bill Maher - - All Rights Reserved)

Brad briefly touched on his latest film about the Nazis which Bill said he saw and he thought was absolutely hilarious and one of the funniest movies about Nazis he had ever seen.

Bill changed the topic from Brad's latest film to his well-known philanthropy programs.  Bill asked Brad to talk about his dedication to New Orleans.

Brad explained he (and his family) have a "base camp" as they called it, in New Orleans and also had a house "in France."  Bill teased Brad and asked why he didn't like America, based on the fact he had a residence in France.

Bill pointed out he was kidding and that in fact Brad really loved America and was committed to helping those in need.  He asked Brad what was the name of his organization which he created to help rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

(Image of Brad Pitt from 2009 Academy Award - - All Rights Reserved).

Brad said the name of the foundation is called Make It Right. Brad said "we feel there is a great wrong going on down there (in New Orleans)."

Brad said that Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the slow reaction to the initial emergency and to the ongoing crisis exposed troubling realities about the response capabilities of the American government when the citizens of our most culturally diverse city were in desperate need of help.

Brad said "we saw a great opportunity to bring in some great architects" and help to rebuild the city.  Brad said the program "has exceeded my expectations" and "its working".

The actor said that the goal was to build homes that were sustainable and environmentally sound as well as cost effective. He pointed out that the cost savings in some areas are phenomenal and specifically noted some of the new home owners were realizing amazing savings in electricity and other utility bills.  Brad said that this program is offering an example of how to build efficient homes.

The star also said that by next year they will have built the 150th house through this program.

Bill mentioned that he had enjoyed some forms of architecture but he didn't really understand why he enjoyed it but he did.  He pointed out Brad loved architecture as well.  He asked Brad to talk about his great love of architecture.  He said he loved architecture but not just because of the aesthetics. Brad said architecture is not just aesthetics.  The star said its also about problem solving.

Bill said "you are known as someone who uses their celebrity to bring awareness" for good causes.  Brad said "you have to be very brave or very stupid to come on this show".  Bill said "you can't do anything that will make America not like you."

Bill said there are some stars that can't do anything to make America hate you.  He said he teases Charlie Sheen about that fact.  Bill said Charlie can do no wrong because America always forgives him.

Bill said "I was looking at your bio - we don't let just anybody on this show."  Bill pointed out Brad has been on something like 35 movies.  Brad teased Bill back and said "I didn't know that."  Brad was actually not only charming but incredibly funny in some of his responses to Bill.

Brad said that Brad is also known for his belief in the legalization of pot and gay marriage.

Bill said "what is it about religion you don't like?"  Brad said "I grew up in a religious family" and it just doesn't "work for me."  He said "like gay marriage you have other people" telling them how to live and "you can't do that."

Brad said "its not right to step on any freedoms" of any group of people because "its not right".  Brad said he "speaks out for any injustice" and if there were a nation of gay marrieds that discriminated in the opposite direction he would speak up against that as well.

Bill said to Brad "lets talk about pot."  Bill said "in True Romance you played a great part that seemed right at home."  He said it was a "true great stoner" film.

Bill talked about a party attended some years ago with Brad and how he "rolled the most perfect joints" Bill had ever seen.  Brad joked in response to Bill's comments about his joint creations "I'm an artist".

Bill asked why Brad had given up smoking pot and Brad said "I'm a dad now" and it was important to have a "clear head" around his children.

Bill also pointed out "you're such a polite guy, you're from Missouri."  Brad said "F*** You."  Which made Bill laugh.

Bill asked Brad what he thought about the Midwesterners in the town halls.  Brad said "you should see my house at dinner time" referring to all of his kids.

Brad said "we need to get through this (the town hall meetings about the health care issues) and get to the facts.  He pointed out to make a democracy work we have to get to the facts."

Brad said "no one is helped by this."  He also said "I've been to a socialist country, none of these people have been to a socialist country."

Bill ended the conversation by asking Brad to come back and be on a panel.  Bill is obviously very fond of Brad and shook his hands warmly.

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