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Big Brother 11: CBS Not Allowing Live Taping Of 8/13/09 Show Due To Chima's Temper has reported that tonight's potentially crucial Big Brother 11 eviction will have at least one major difference: It will be taped instead of airing live.

(Image of Jeff from Big Brother 11 who holds the "secret" Coup d'Etat power which could send two people home in tonight's eviction ceremony - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

According to Entertainment Weekly this report is based on insider information that CBS is making the move to avoid a possibly volatile reaction from current Head of Household (HoH) Chima.

As I have previously reported in other blogs, Chima's volatile temper has been on display in recent shouting matches with Russell and the current Head of Household (HoH) has threatened to go ballistic if the "mystery power" of coup d'etat is used on tonight's show.

Jeff, who holds the mystery power, has the ability to remove the two house guests Chima has nominated for eviction (Russell and Lydia) and replace them with nominees of his choosing, thus erasing Chima's chief privilege as head of household.  A privilege Chima will not relinquish lightly or quietly.  In fact, Jeff may want to put up Chima so he doesn't have to live with her after he uses the power, if he does.

The houseguests have neither been told that Jeff holds the power nor do they know if it will even be used.  No one currently knows about Jeff's powers because if he told, he would automatically lose them.  The houseguests think Jeff has the power but they don't know for sure.

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