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Big Brother 11: Chima & Michele Pontificate

Chima is the current Head of Household (HoH) on Big Brother 11.  She won the HoH challenge by memorizing what callers said about the show.

(Image of original Brains Clique on Big Brother 11 - LR - Michele, Ronnie (now eliminated) and Chima (current Head of Household - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

Chima is really making the most of her time in the Head of Household room.  She has been having some long chat sessions, especially at night, about her various beliefs.  To say Chima is outspoken is an understatement.  Not only does Chima have very strong opinions about everything, she speaks them freely and loudly.

Her laugh is very distinctive and Russell has been known to make fun of it.

She and Michele have been spending a lot of time together because Michele is worried about her position in the house.  The two women have been bonding over the shared hatred of Russell which Chima pointed out to Michele.

As a result the two women have been having lots of long conversations which include the following topics:

1.  Russell is a major woman hater and a total ass.

Chima and Michele talked about how much of a man hater Russell is and wondered what type of home life he came from that made him hate women so much.  Chima pointed out that if she ever had a son she would be sure to teach him to love and respect women.

2.  She didn't think Obama had a prayer of winning President.

Chima makes it a point to explain that she is a strong black woman and she didn't think President Obama would win the election but still feels the country needs a woman president.

3.  Chima is thinking of starting her own chapter of NOW.

When talking to Michele about how much Russell hates women and how important it is for women to become stronger and receive more respect she has considered starting her own local chapter of NOW (National Organization of Women).

4.  Chima wants the girls to win the Big Brother competition.

Chima has been very outspoken about the fact she wants one of the women to win Big Brother 11.  Chima believes that Russell only wants men to win.  Chima questioned whether the men in the house might have a secret alliance against the women.

5.  Chima has shared about being attacked and raped by a serial killer.

Chima opened up about her personal life and the events in her life which have made her strong.  She shared with the group that she had been beaten up, raped and almost killed by a serial killer who got death row and was put to death.

She also shared about all the women in her family and how strong they are and how quiet the men in her family have always been.

6.  Chima's favorite term is "easy breezy".

Chima and Michele have spent a lot of time strategizing about who will be going after who next week.  Chima has already told Michele, Jessie and Natalie that if Big Brother allows the holder of the hidden power to usurp her Head of Household powers she will throw a major fit of such huge proportions it will be covered on TMZ and all the gossip networks.

Chima and the rest of the house is trying to figure out who has the "Wizard" power which was voted on by America.  The secret power of Coup d'Etat was given secretly to Jeff who has the option of completely overthrowing Chima's choices for eviction and overthrowing the Power of Veto.

It will be interesting to see what will happen if Jeff does decide to use his Coup d'Etat to overthrow Chima's power as Head of Household.  Chima has promised to pitch a major fit.  Will Big Brother allow her to go beserk?  Only time will tell.

7.  Chima will be extremely vulnerable after this week.

Chima was very proud of the fact she was the first women to win Head of Household for Big Brother 11.  She asked for a very long list of personal items including all types of lotions and toiletries as well as blueberry muffin mix.

Chima has been outspoken that she doesn't like to walk around the house on "pins and needles" and she doesn't like to be "attacked" and doesn't "need that in her life."

Chima told Michele as far as the game goes "win or go home."  Chima said when its down to the final four or five you "can't be mad at people because it is all about winning."

8.  Chima is ruling as Head Of Household with an iron fist.

Chima and Natalie were close before Chima won Head of Household but once she did, Natalie was glued to Chima's hip even more then she normally was glued to Jessie's hip.

When Chima is replaced as Head of Household the politics in the Big Brother 11 house will be very interesting to see since Chima will no longer have any power at all and will no longer rule the roost.


I have been watching all of the real time feeds of Big Brother 11 and Tuesday night will be an elimination night that will either incite Chima to raise a major stink or will see the end of Russell.  As always, it should be extremely interesting.  As they say at the big networks....stay tuned.

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