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Language Of Kissing - How To Guide - From Bianca®

The universal language of kissing isn't hard to learn. But doing it really well is more a matter of nurture than nature.

Binaca® -- the company that's been making smooches sweeter for decades with its high quality breath care products - has plenty of kissing tips.

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Consider the following How To Kiss Tips:

- Get comfy first. There's nothing more disruptive than writhing to readjust mid-kiss.

- Make it short, sweet and lace it with a little passion. If this is the first kiss you've shared with someone, start slowly, gently and with lips only slightly parted.

- Take cues from your partner. Most people kiss the way they want to be kissed. You'll know when it's time to part those lips and go in for a deeper smooch.

- And of course, don't let bad breath ruin your prospects of more kissing. Sometimes we don't even know we have it, so take a preventive stance with a spritz of Binaca FastBlast.

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