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Stay Cool and Comfy With Anti-Sweat Pillows

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Cool, Dry and Oh So Comfy, All Night Long

By Julie Scelfo - New York Times

It's easy to ignore pillows marketed for their "anti-sweat" properties, unless you (or a mate) have night sweats and their unfortunate corollary, perspiration-stained pillows.

(Image by Sue R B - All Rights Reserved).

I tried out three new offerings with my always-cool, but not always-dry-at-night husband: a Wool-Wrapped Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow by Organic Mattresses Inc. ($149); a latex 3D Breathe Pillow by Hollandia International ($130); and an angled Comfort Pillow with memory foam by Magniflex ($100), below.

After sleeping on each one for a night, my husband felt they all made good on their claims, permitting greater air flow and reducing sweating. "I never knew my old pillows were so hot," he said.

Comfort was another matter. While the buckwheat hulls felt luxurious to me, conforming to the shape of my head and neck, he had a different reaction: "Too lumpy."

The latex pillow, he said, was "too thick."  But the angled memory foam? "Just right."

Whether the covers will resist staining, however, only time will tell.

Information: Organic Mattresses Inc., (800) 951-9196 or; Hollandia International, (888) 432-2337; Magniflex, (646) 330-5483.

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