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Margaret Cho Deems Jon Gosselin Of Jon & Kate - Asian Adjacent

Jon Gosselin has become a media darling taking the top spot for celebrity buzz over the last week.

Recently comedian Margaret Cho was a guest on E's Chelsea Handler's late night talk show.  Chelsea asked Margaret about Jon Gosselin and whether he was Asian or not.  Margaret is Asian and makes fun of herself and her heritage.  She is also co-starring on the new show - Drop Dead Diva - on the Lifetime Network.

When Chelsea asked Margaret if Jon Gosselin was Asian she said "no, he's Asian Adjacent".  HUH?  Margaret said she deems anyone who sorta looks Asian but probably isn't as "Asian Adjacent".  Chelsea and Margaret discussed the fact that Jon's green eyes really confuse them and his heritage.

Chelsea indicated she thought Jon was basically disgusting and Margaret was hilarious in her general response to Chelsea's Jon Gosselin comments.

The primary reason Margaret was on the show was to promote her latest role on the sizzling new Drop Dead Diva show.

What Is Jon Gosselin's Heritage?

Jon Gosselin is half-Korean, one-fourth French, and one-fourth Welsh.   In one episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Jon cooked his family a traditional Korean dinner.  Which explains his green eyes.

In the episode Sextuplets Turn 3! Jon and Kate actually discussed their ethnic heritage. According to the Korean American Journal, Jon's mother is Korean, although she was born and raised in Hawaii.

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