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Jenna Elfman Plays Version Of Knocked Up On NBC's Fall Schedule

Jenna Elfman who is best known for her role as Dharma of TV's odd couple - Dharma and Greg - is back with a sitcom that reminds me a little bit of the popular film Knocked Up starring Katherine Heigl.

(Image of Jenna Elfman on Accidentally On Purpose - - All Rights Reserved).

The premise behind Knocked Up was that a beautiful blonde TV reporter has a one night stand with a younger irresponsible young man and she gets pregnant.  When the young man finds out the beautiful blonde TV reporter is pregnant, he decides to stick around and be with her during the pregnancy.

The new sitcom is called Accidentally On Purpose and Jenna plays Billie, a film critic in San Francisco who has a brief fling with a younger man and winds up pregnant.  Of course everyone knows that an older woman who has a thing with a younger man is known as a cougar.

Billie decides to keep the "accidental" baby, much like Miranda on Sex And The City, due to the fact she worries it is her last chance to have a baby conceived biologically and not from a test tube.  After making the decision to have the unplanned baby, Billie discovers her cougar bait guy wants to stick around and help her with the pregnancy.  Her guy is named Zack.

It is hard to know how the critics and fans will react to this show.  Jenna is a fabulous comedian and her timing is impeccable.  At this point its anyone's guess how the show will do.

Although CBS has been doing a great job of developing strong new shows, the concern is that Jenna's new show is a little bit like Murphy Brown meets Miranda from Sex And The City and Knocked Up.  According to some early feedback about the show are a lot of contradictions in the plot line including Jenna playing a strong successful career woman who doesn't have her birth control intact.

The good news is that Ugly Betty's best friend played by Ashley Jensen has jumped ship and will now be hanging out with Billie.

While Ashley is a proven strong supporting player the rest of the cast are unknowns for the most part and this can be either very good or very bad.  Only time will tell how Jenna's new show will do but I for one am pulling for her.

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