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Hair & Beauty Implements - Cosmoprof North America - 2009 Trend Report:

Implements - Bridging The Gap Between A Problem & A Solution

As a result of leading technology, implements help bridge the gap between a problem and a solution. While hair products are extremely important when caring for hair, it is the implements that transform clean or dirty hair to shiny masterpieces.

(Image of new VibeStyler by HotStyler unveiled at Cosmoprof North America 2009 - - All Rights Reserved).

Moving beyond garden variety skincare products, skincare brands are merging the tried-and-true methods of other beauty categories to enhance the end product for consumers.

Finally, implements are simple responses to supply and demand.

Innovative Implement Trends For 2009

The following are a list of innovative implements that address needs for hair, skincare, and others that you may not know you need.

VibeStyler by HotStyler uses state of the art vibrating technology in its flat iron which realigns the hair cuticle to prevent damage. VibeStyler reduces the friction on the hair gliding through the plates with ease and helps to prevent breakage and tugging, ensuring silky, straight hair with longer lasting results. www.hotstylers.comRound Ionic Ceramic Reinforced Boar Bristle Hot-Air Smoothing Brush by L´azzio has combined the outstanding features of the hot-air brush iron with the phenomenal benefits of ceramic and ion technology to create a whole new professional styling tool.

This revolutionary patented straightening and smoothing brush quickly, easily, and gently smoothes all types of hair of any length.

Elite Smart Heat by Gold ‘N Hot uses exclusive technology in its flat iron which is designed to maximize the beauty of all hair textures including synthetic extensions.

The exclusive electronic ‘Smart Heat' sensor keeps the temperature and airflow constant, providing the ideal styling combination for optimal hair condition. Whether you have thin, coarse, or normal hair, Smart Heat will maintain its body, moisture and luster without over drying or over heating. Just input your hair type, press the button and let Elite Smart Heat do the rest!

NUTRA SONIC Face Brush by NUTRA LUXE MD is a waterproof, rechargeable battery operated unit with attachable brush heads. It oscillates up to 415 times per second (25,000 times per minute) with 3 different speeds for normal and sensitive skin, plus a unique "jitter" mode which helps remove even the deepest pore impurities like makeup, excessive oils, and blackheads.

The procedure is like a mini-microdermabrasion which helps to remove dead skin cells, yet it is gentle enough to be used twice a day instead of a washcloth or pads.

Treatments with NUTRA SONIC Face Brush also results in better skin absorption of skin care products to achieves the best results.

Intimate Grooming Mirror by Peek-A-Bu is an ergonomically designed mirror for grooming bikini hair and all other body hair. The mirror is attached to a flexible arm which can attach to other objects such as showers, bathroom mirrors, or toilets with its strong suction cup. Peek-A-Bu is also excellent for makeup application and other self exams.

Breeze SP and OC by PHILLIPS BRUSH are the first fully vented cushion brushes available. Rubber cushion brushes provide increased flexibility which allows the brush to glide easily through all types of hair.

These brushes are available in metal pin, nylon and boar bristle styles. The ventilation allows maximum airflow which decreases dry time.

Slique is a self-operated threading implement that helps with removing hair from eyebrows, chin area, upper lip, sideburns, and cheeks.

For thousands of years, women have been trying to remove unwanted hair, one of the oldest and most effective is threading which has limited side effects and helps hair grow back thinner and more slowly.

Slique effectively puts hair removal in your hands! Slique is a fast, user-friendly hair removal device that achieves the same professional results as traditional threading but with one definite advantage: it´s completely self-operating and can go anywhere, anytime!

X5 Hair Laser by Spencer Forrest introduces a handheld, low level laser light which is an effective new treatment available for thinning hair. It improves the appearance and condition of fine or thinning hair with only three 10-15 minute treatments per week.

Worldwide attention is focused on the remarkable results men and women are achieving in as little as a few months. Now you can enjoy these results at home with the most advanced laser hair therapy device ever developed.

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