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Jenna Fischer Gets Engaged - Just Like Pam & Jim of The Office

It was recently leaked by the media that Jenna Fishcer, well-known and loved as Pam on The Office has gotten engaged to her guy, writer Lee Kirk.

The pair were traveling through Europe recently to enjoy some much deserved time off. The buzz is that the couple got engaged on their trip.

(Image of Jenna Fischer at the 2009 SAG Awards - Courtesy of - All Rights Reserved).

Jenna and Lee have been "together" since January of last year but only appeared in public the first time at the Emmy Awards in 2008. Jenna at the time described Kirk to People as "my super-cute boyfriend."

Although the buzz about Jenna getting engaged brings up a more pressing question. When will The Office's Pam and Jim finally tie the knot?  They came close with an almost quickie ceremony last season but decided against it at the last minute.

The sassy Jenna was spotted by photographers in Paris sporting what appeared to be an engagement ring on the appropriate finger.

Pam future husband, Lee Kirk, has never been married before. His credits include The Man Who Invented the Moon, The Benefits of Drinking Whiskey, Pants on Fire and The Specials.

Jenna was married to filmmaker James Gunn for seven years before that marriage ended in July of 2007.

To find out the answer to when and if Pam and Jim finallly tie the knot tune in when The Office returns for Season 6 on September 17 on NBC.  According to the buzz in TVLand the two will definitely have a TV wedding during the coming season.

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