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Joanna Garcia Hair Color Changes - From Cinnamon Brown To Blonde

Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith on CW's Priviledged

Joanna Garcia Hair Color Changes - From Cinnamon Brown To Blonde

It was recently announced that the beautiful and perky Joanna Garcia will be hanging out for four episodes on CW's Gossip Girl this Fall (Gossip Girl returns Monday, Sept. 14, now at 9 pm/ET).

Joanna who was recently on CW's Priviledged, which was sadly canceled, will play the latest new love interest for Nate.

Joanna will play Bree, a Southern belle with an edgy lifestyle.  Although her upbringing was conservative, her current lifestyle is much less so.

It has also been reported by the media that JoAnna who went cinnamon brown for her lead on CW's Priviledged will be going much lighter for her Gossip Girls role.

It has been reported she will be a blonde Southern belle.  Which is very appropriate for Gossip Girls.

Joanna is probably best known for her portrayal of Cheyenne Hart Montgomery on The CW sitcom Reba.

García was born in Tampa, Florida, where she was raised by her mother Lorraine, a Spanish-American homemaker and former elementary schoolteacher, and her father, Cuban-born Jay García, a gynecologist.

More About Joanna Garcia

Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith on CW's Priviledged

Although Joanna Leanna Garcia has had a long and successful acting career to date, most recently she starred as Megan Smith, the Yale graduate who tutors wealthy twin sisters on The CW's "Privileged."

Joanna (born August 10, 1979) dazzled audiences for six years on "Reba" as Reba's teenage daughter Cheyenne Montgomery, a role which earned her a Teen Choice Award nomination for "Breakout Star."

Joanna also starred as Hope on the comedy "Welcome to the Captain," alongside Jeffrey Tambor, Chris Klein, and Raquel Welch.

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, to a Cuban father and American mother, Joanna was raised in a bilingual household. Her father is a physician and founder of "Medizone," and her mother is a former teacher and now a homemaker.

Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith on CW's Priviledged

With the support of her close knit family,  Joanna began performing at the age of 10, when she auditioned for the local theater production of "How to Eat Like a Child," and landed the lead role.

Joanna caught the acting bug immediately, and while school was always a top priority, she continued to fuel her passion by acting in local plays until high school. When she was discovered by Nickelodeon in a local play, the network immediately fell in love with  Joanna, and she commuted from Florida to Montreal to star as Fiona in the television series "Clarissa Explains It All" in 1992.

She also starred as Samantha in "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" from 1994 to 1996.

In 1998,  Joanna was cast in a recurring role on the acclaimed drama series "Party of Five," playing Claudia's (Lacy Chabert) friend Hallie at boarding school. After graduating from high school,  Joanna briefly attended the University of Florida before heading to Los Angeles to further her career in acting.

Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith on CW's Priviledged

Almost immediately upon arrival, she landed a key role opposite John Ritter in the television movie "Holy Joe" as Joyce Cass, in a story about an Episcopalian priest (Ritter) who experiences a crisis of faith until a life-altering event makes him believe he witnessed a miracle.

She also had a memorable recurring role in 2000 on "Freaks and Geeks," playing Vicky Appleby, the popular freshman cheerleader who spent "seven minutes in heaven" with the ultimate geek, Bill (Martin Starr).

On the big screen,  Joanna starred in the two hit teen comedies in 2001: "American Pie 2" and "Not Another Teen Movie." In "American Pie 2" Joanna played Christy, the date of the infamous Stifler (Sean William Scott), with whom she shares one of the film's most memorable scenes.

Joanna Garcia - WB's All Star Party - 2004

From there, she then went on to the comedy spoof "Not Another Teen Movie," playing a high school cheerleader afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome.

This busy actress was so inspired by working at the Step Up Women's Network (a national network of women dedicated to strengthening community resources for women and girls) that she hopes to launch her own empowerment organization for women called "We Reach" because, as she explains, "Girls aren't nice enough to each other."

Joanna is striving to assemble an advisory board of women in the entertainment industry who will work with girls around the country to host charity events in their hometowns.

Animal Love

Image of Joanna Garcia as a blonde - 7th Annual Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton - 11-30-2005

Animals are a vital part of Joanna's life, and she owns 13 animals all together. When she's not working, she spends time with her four horses, six dogs, two prized chickens and one goat. Her favorite horse is Dolly, a miniature seven-month-old horse that only weighs 60 pounds.

Joanna Garcia's other interests include country music, traveling, and fashion. She currently resides in Los Angeles and has been calling LA home for the past ten years.

In 2008, García became engaged to Trace Ayala, co-founder of clothing company William Rast with his childhood friend Justin Timberlake. (Ayala was Timberlake's former personal assistant.)

The couple dated for nearly two years, before calling off their engagement.

In August 2009, People magazine reported that García was dating New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher. They became engaged in May 2010, and married on December 11, 2010 at the Breakers Hotel & Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Bridesmaids for García included friends and fellow actresses Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Reba McEntire. After her marriage she was credited as Joanna Garcia Swisher on Better With You, but in other work she continues to be credited as either Joanna Garcia or JoAnna Garcia.

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