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Why Dr. Oz Tells Overweight Men - Lose 35 Pounds For 1 Inch Gain

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If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I am a big fan of Oprah Winfrey.

I love her shows but enjoy it when Dr. Mehmet Oz is on the program.  The doctor is a highly educated healer, offering practical yet down-to-earth advice for both men and women.

Recently I caught up with some of my old taped Oprah shows. I was sad to see Dr. Oz was leaving Oprah to have his own show. The doctor will be able to share his focused healing wisdom in more shows, which will help so many people.

Oprah had a special farewell show where she played some of the best clips of the Dr. Oz shows over the years.

Exchange Fat For An Inch In Manhood Length

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One of the most exciting clips of Dr. Oz was from 2006. The doctor told Oprah that overweight men who lose 35 pounds of fat will gain one inch in their penis length.

When he told Oprah that little fact, it caused quite a stir in the audience.

It also caught the attention of men, at least near Chicago. Oprah demonstrated this by showing a tape from an ER physician.  Oprah played a tape from Dr. Aaron Epstein, M.D.

Dr. Epstein is an emergency physician at Lake Forest Hospital in Lake Forest, Illinois. Dr. Epstein commented on Dr. Oz's statements about men who lost 30+ pounds would gain one inch in penis length.

Overweight Men Showed Up In The ER

Dr. Epstein said "when I'm working a Wednesday shift I could actually guess what the topic of the Oprah show was on Tuesday."

How does he know what Oprah's show was about?

He said "for some reason overweight men starting to exercise and workout."  As a result "we saw a rash of muscle strains, back pains and pulled groin muscles in the emergency department."

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Dr. Epstein said, "I couldn't figure out why the change of heart all of a sudden."

Then my wife told me that Dr. Oz said "men who lose 30 pounds of weight gain an inch in their penis size."  Then I put it all together.  "It made sense."

Dr. Oz loved the the feedback provide by Dr. Epstein.

Related ED Topics

What else did Dr. Oz have to say on related topics? On a previous Oprah episode, a man and a woman called in to ask Dr. Oz about erectile dysfunction (ED).

The doctor discussed the issues surrounding ED and related sexual dysfunction.

Men with ED may be at risk for other major health issues. This includes heart attack and stroke. ED and related dysfunction is often tied to clogged arteries.

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He also explained that smoking may cause dysfunction in many men. This information can be pretty enlightening in many ways.

Do the advertised ED drugs work?

Dr. Oz said they may work for some. But for many, they don't work at all. Sometimes they cause other performance and other health problems.

Handling Difficult Topics

Dr. Oz briefly discussed what it's like to handle complex topics on Oprah's show.

The doctor said that Oprah and her staff always made him feel comfortable. He said his experience on the show made him feel like he was talking to family. He knew he could cover difficult topics and that people would return for more.

Many agree Dr. Oz is going to be missed on Oprah's show. He's been on the show as a regular guest for 5 years.

Image - Olga Guryanova -

Dr. Oz launched his own show in The Fall of 2009 and it ran for 13 seasons before it ended.

Many agree Dr. Oz is going to be missed on Oprah's show. He's been on the show as a regular guest for 5 years.

The Takeaway

Oprah played special clips of Dr. Oz's appearances in a special farewell episode. One of the clips featured Dr. Oz revealing that if men lose at least 35 pounds, they will gain 1 inch in their penis.

This secret information has been very popular with men everywhere. The doctor also shared that if sexual dysfunction is a problem for a male, he may have other, more severe health concerns.

This includes heart attack and stroke. ED and related dysfunction is often tied to clogged arteries.

Dr. Oz highly suggests getting a medical checkup if a man has these issues.  That's a great idea.  Always check with your physician before undergoing any weight loss or exercise program or beginning ED types of treatments.

Best wishes to all.

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