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OK Mag Shares Madonna Dancer's Hot Bod Workout

The June 8th issue of OK Magazine, which of course I read the minute it comes in (I'm a media whore, what can I say?) has a very interesting article about one of Madonna's dancers - Anthony Rue II who is also known as Ant Boodie.

(Image of Madonna - - All Rights Reserved).

The 26 year old dancer is working hard to get buff for Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour which kicks off its European leg in London on July 4th.

I found several things interesting about this article.  First of all, Ant Bookie aka Anthony told OK "if you don't look up to par, Madonna will assign you a trainer."  WOW.

That really caught my attention.  What a great perk to have.  Of course it makes total sense because Madonna needs her dancers to look hot and be able to perform all the grueling dances.

As a result of his upcoming tour with the famous Madge, Ant worked with Crunch Fitness trainer Aviel Ayoung who created a cardio and weight training regime for him.  Ant said "I'll jump rope, do a lot of footwork to make it fun".  He also confessed he exercies for an hour a day, even when he is touring.

As far as eating well the male dancer admits to OK he is not strict about his diet.  He said "my eating habits are the worst."  Of course he also notes Madonna sets the bar pretty high for her road team.  Afterall, the Material Girl is known for eating very strict and working out religiously.

Have you seen the photos of Madonna's arms lately?  They are awesome, just like guns.  You know she works out more than one hour a day to get ready for her tours.

If you want to find out more about Anthony Rue's special fitness routine check out the June 8th issue of OK Magazine.  Then run to your nearest gym and work it.

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