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Curly Haired Lisa Marcos Showcases Hair & Beauty On NBC's The Listener

The stunningly beautiful Lisa Marcos plays "Detective Charlene 'Charlie' Marks," friend and professional colleague of Toby Logan in "The Listener", a new series from NBC which premiered on June 4th.

(Image of Lisa Marcos - THE LISTENER -- Pictured: Lisa Marcos as Charlie -- NBC Photo: Steve Wilkie - All Rights Reserved).

The premise behind "The Listener" is that a telepath who is also an EMS (paramedic) seems to stumble upon a lot of information, bringing it to Detective Marks, who has an edgy attitude and is very suspicious of Toby and his "gift".

Toby and Charlie have chemistry even though each of them are hung up on other people in the premiere.

Prior to taking the plunge into acting, Lisa Marcos enjoyed a successful career as a model for over a decade.

However, modeling wasn't always smooth sailing for the gorgeous curly haired beauty.

Lisa, who did a gorgeous photo shoot with Toro Magazine in 2008 shared the challenges she experienced while modeling in South Africa.  She said during that experience "I was in a very bad situation - people around me were trying to take money from me, and doing heavy drugs, and things had just become very bad and I was going through a really hard time."

She said "at one point I just wanted to die. It was that bad. And, it was a Saturday night – I’ll never forget it – I got down on my knees and I just prayed. The next day, Sunday morning, I went to church, and the editor of South African Sports Illustrated was in church and handed me a card and said that she wanted to see me in her office the next day."

Lisa knew her experience was special and said "then, after church, I was waiting in the lobby and a man walked up to me and said, “Excuse me, are you Lisa Marcos?” He handed me a piece of paper and said, “I was told to write this down for you.” And I read the piece of paper and immediately fell to my knees and cried, because everything that only I and God would know about was answered in my piece of paper."

Lisa has made appearances in numerous television series such as "Flashpoint," "The Weight," "da Kink In My Hair," "Kevin Hill," "Wild Card," "Wonderfalls," "Mutant X," and "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye."

She also appeared in the television movies "Gospel of John" and "Threshold." On the big screen, she can be seen in the feature films "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman" and "King's Ransom."

The stunner with the below-the-shoulder natural curls was born in Toronto, Canada.

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