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Healthy Baby Powder For Hair And Skin

One of the at-home tips I see constantly on the Web and in literature is to use Baby Powder to remove oil and grime from the hair.  I usually have to stifle a scream when I see this tip.

Why?  Commercially produced baby powder often contains talc.  In some cases it also contains other ingredients which like talc, can be harmful if inhaled.

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it is virtually impossible to spritz your hair or that of your child without getting a big whiff of baby powder because it fills the air. Yes, you can use a powder puff and glide it carefully, but you still are applying chemicals to the skin which can be inhaled over time.

Although I usually recommend plain cornstarch as a great alternative, some people complain it is not as effective as Baby Powder.

After thinking about this for a long time I decided to come up with an alternative recipe.  After much searching I found the recipe below (in Herbs For Health - July/August 2001 by Mindy Green) for herbal based baby powder which is not harmful if inhaled or swallowed.

It also works well on the hair or the body and will help during sweaty summer times when sweat is forming at the hairline or at the back of the neck.  Sweat is never a great ingredient to apply to the hair or face and if it contains salt, which sweat usually contains, it can cause the hairline to get greasy.

Hair Healthy Baby Powder Recipe

Check our my hair healthy Baby Powder recipe below:

In a large clean glass bowl mix the following ingredients.  If you can get organic, even better.  Most of these ingredients are available at the local health store.

1/4 cup of pure arrowroot powder

1/4 cup of cornstarch

1 tablespoon of fine white clay

7 drops of lavender essential oil

3 drops of German chamomile essential oil


Combine and then mix all the ingredients well.  Put through a strainer to distribute the essential oils evently.  Store in a tight-lidded container in a cool, dark location.

Apply liberally with a clean powder puff to overheated, chafed or irritated skin or hair line.  If you like, apply a tiny amount to oily bangs or hair along the hairline.  Use fingers to apply and then brush or comb out.

To avoid creating a cloud of powder, slide the powder puff along the skin or along the hairline instead of shaking or popping the puff up and down on the skin.  This is especially true when using on babies or young children to prevent any unnecessary exposure to the lungs or the eyes.

Keep in mind that the addition of lavender will cause a natural relaxation reaction.  If you prefer, you can substitute other essential oils if you prefer.  For example, I love Ylang Ylang and substitute this instead of the Lavender.  I get so many compliments on how great my hair smells with the addition of the Ylang Ylang when I dab it along my hairline.

Warning: Anytime you use powder, even healthy powder, it can be messy.  Although the powder is easily washed off, it is not wise to powder your skin or hairline while wearing dark colors.  I always apply my powder in the bathroom in my light colored bathroom.  If you want to take a little powder with you to dab on your hairline or at the back of your neck, pour a little of the mixture into a small container and apply as needed.  I always keep extra powder at my office.

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