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Gwen Stefani Refuses To Be Slimed At Kid's Choice Awards

If you or your kids love the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (known as the KCAs) you know that part of the tradition of the annual awards is to slime the various celebrities and on-hand adults with green goo known as "slime".

The KCAs also hosts live musical entertainment.  Instead of a red carpet, the celebs and appropriate kids walk the orange carpet.  The awards are miniature orange blimps.

(Image of a blonde Gwen Stefani - HBM - All Rights Reserved).

During a Kids' Choice Awards, sometimes a celebrity might not know when they are going to be slimed onstage or offstage. Hosts have also been slimed, mostly in the finale of the show.

Also, sometimes the entire audience will get a massive dose of slime dumped on them.  You never know what might happen at a Kids' Choice Awards.

Although the green slimming can drip from the head to the toes, the most likely area of the body to sustain the majority of the green gloop is the hair.

The famous Jonas Brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin got majorly slimed on stage at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night (March 28) in Los Angeles.

Gwen Stefani who was interviewed in the April 2007 issue of People Magazine was quoted as saying "everybody should get slimed except for me.  If I got slimed, my hair might never turn back blonde, so I say no, thank you!"

Gwen makes a great point.  Justin Timberlake as described the sliming, which he has enduring more than once as "it's like being covered in hair gel.  It's not fun."  And green hair gel at that.

Since Gwen usually wears her hair extremely bleached out into the lightest color of platinum, her hair is probably very porous and could potentially suck up the green colored goopey hair gel-like substance.  Gwen should worry.  So should any other celebrities with custom bleached hair like Pamela Anderson and Lady GaGa.

Vince Vaughn who has gotten slimed told the same issue of People that getting "I felt like a slimed pinata....does that stuff stain?"

Red haired Nicole Kidman has attended the Kid's Choice Awards in the past and got slimed by osmosis.  She reported that she had hugged comedian Steve Carell and actor Tobey Maquire who had already been slimed.  As a result "I got half-slimed and was delited because it tastes like applesauce."

Nickelodeon keeps its slime recipe a deep dark secret but fans came make their own version with a mixture of applesauce, vanilla pudding, oatmeal and lots of green food coloring.

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