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Live Twitter On Celebrity Apprentice

If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have been following this season's Celebrity Apprentice religiously.  Due to circumstances beyond my control I was not able to watch more than the first 45 minutes live.

(Image of LR Brande Rodderick, Melissa Rivers, Tionne Watkins, Annie Duke - In Background - Jesse James - NBC Photo: Ali Goldstein - NBC - All Rights Reserved).

I had to surrender the television to a family member who hates reality TV.  Although I was recording the final episode on the Tivo I was on pins and needles trying to figure out who would win the hotly debated final contest.

I was comforted by the fact that at one point it was announced that Melissa Rivers and Brande Rodderick were going to be doing live twittering of the final episode.  I was of course thrilled since when live Twittering is done properly, it really gives you a bird's eye view of what is happening behind the scenes.

Unfortunately while it appeared that Melissa and Brande had every intention of providing running Tweets, much of what was happening was never transmitted.  In fact, the second last tweet was from Brande who said "Dennis says what up!"

(Image of LF Ivanka Trump and Dennis Rodman - Celebrity Apprentice - NBC Photo: Ali Goldstein - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

The very last tweet was from Melissa who was signing on as Mel.  She said "Getting ready to go out. yikes. fingers crossed."  That was it.  The end.  No announcement of the winner - Joan Rivers - or any of the last hour happenings.

I wonder if the live Twittering was not well thought out?  Maybe it would have been better to have a non-celebrity apprentice sitting there doing the blow by blow tweets.  I do understand there was concern about not giving away the spoiler of who won the show but I think maybe it could be done with more frequent tweets next time.

Note to The Donald, I have done a lot of live Tweeting and big events and am always available to Tweet away.  If anything, I probably tweet too much.

In fact, at the last Red Carpet event I was live Tweeting at, several people tried to get me to stop to chat and I just kept on tweeting.  It can be a challenge to figure out what is interesting or not interesting but the key, at least in my humble opinion, is to just keep providing new details.

Some of the recent Red Carpet events had live Tweeting and they were done quite well.  Hopefully as Live Twittering becomes more popular the art of the Live Tweet will evolve for us Twitter fanatics.

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