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Should You Wear Your Hair To Please Yourself Or Your Loved Ones?

Today I read a blog/article written by Sandra Lee on May 4, 2009 for  The subject of her blog was her toddler's critical reaction to a short haircut she recently had her hairstylist create on her previously longer hair.  Her almost 3 year old wanted Sandra to put her old hair back, which made Sandra feel "self-conscious" and comforted by the fact her hair would eventually grow back.

Although this has a humorous twist of mother and daughter reactions to the mom's new haircut, the reaction of loved ones to our hairstyles may not always be what we hoped or wished for.  Some loved ones react more strongly than others and a lot may depend on how drastic the change is.  However, the eternal question exists of whether or not we should wear our hair to please our loved ones or not?

For every person in the Universe this question of whether we wear our hair for ourselves or others will bring different answers.

Ultimately, the answer is that we all have to do what's right for ourselves.  If it's important to please a partner with how your hair looks, the length or the color, then that is your choice and you should always honor it.  However, if you wear your hair a certain way (straight vs curly or vice versa) because of society's pressures, then maybe you should reconsider your hair options.

I am a big believer of everyone wearing their hair whatever color, length, texture and style that makes them feel best.  Regardless.  I have worn my hair many inches below my waist for many years even though some hair experts tell me I would look better with shorter hair or darker hair or layered hair or even letting my own natural curls loose.

I don't care what hair experts say.  I love my hair just as it is and when I feel good about my hair, I feel good about me.  Regardless.

Bottom line, I always encourage everyone to have total hair style independence and be true to who they wish to be.

What do you think?  Do you agree or do you believe we should bow to the hair desires of loved ones?

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