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If You Love Wine Check Out West Coast Wino Blog

Yes, I love wine.  I don't drink it much for a variety of reasons but when I do have an event that calls for wine, I always want to make sure I am getting the best possible wine I can find.  Which is not always easy.

If you've been to a wine store lately, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  Even in a grocery store with a more limited selection (we can buy wine and beer in grocery stores here in Dallas, Texas) you still have to figure out whether you should go white or red or sparkling.

Other decisions involve country of origin and date the wine was bottled.  Not to mention figuring out what really is the basis for a good Shiraz versus a good blend and how does a California sparkling really compare to an authentic Champagne.

My head hurts just thinking about it.  Recently when I was in California on the Road Trip I stopped at a roadside drugstore/quick market because I had to pick up a few bottles of wine to present as a gift for a friend of mine who had invited me to dinner.  When I asked him what type of wine he preferred he said "I love a good Shiraz, a good Merlot, a good blend, but don't like heavy reds or Bordeaux wines."  Eeeck.  There I was contemplating what to buy.

I took the chicken's way out and bought a Shiraz from Australia, a crisp Merlot from the Russian River Valley in California and a good red blend.  Luckily he was thrilled but it could have gone the opposite direction.

One of my favorite blogs to visit on the web is West Coast Wino.  Instead of a snotty wine guru, you have a regular guy who is willing to share his own personal journey through wine consumption.  It is a refreshing blog with good insights.  Of course you can either agree or disagree but it is nice to give a different opinion about wine.

I found West Coast Wino from my Twitter thread.  As I have blogged before, I adore Twitter and am completely addicted.  I also follow everyone who follows me which allows me to meet non-hair, beauty and fashion folks like West Coast Wino who has taught me a thing or too about buying wine.

If you have an interest in wine from a completely different viewpoint I suggest you stop by West Coast Wino's Blog and check it out.  Please tell the resident Wino that Karen at sent you.

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