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Spidey's Don Antonio's In LA Rocks Chimis

If you are a fan of The Hills, as I am, you probably love to hate Spencer.  You may or may not hate Heidi but that doesn't really matter because she's part of the Spidey team of Spencer + Heidi.

If you do catch episodes of The Hills you know that Spencer and Heidi love to eat at Don Antonio's Mexican Restaurant on 11755 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Since I am in Beverly Hills all week on business, and my marketing guru is also here on separate business, we decided to convene on Sunday evening (Last night) and head for the famous Spikey hangout.  No, we didn't really expect to see the dynamic blonde duo because they actually had gotten married for the second time the day before.  However, we did want to experience the awesome food that Spencer raves about.

We were not disappointed.  Keep in mind that the HairBoutique Marketing Guru is Hispanic by birth (part Spanish and Italian).  Her grandmommy is a fabulous cook of Hispanic dishes and has been known to feed the squirredl in the neightborhood with handmade lawn enchiladas (no, I am not kidding).  I also have been in Dallas for close to 25 years now and have a finely tuned TexMex, MexMex and pure Mexican set of tastebuds. 

Therefore, both the Marketing Guru and I are very strict judges of any type of Mexican cuisine.  You can imagine our surprised when the food at Don Antonios' literally blew our socks off.  Of course we were both wearing flip flops, so that may not be a good analogy.

But serious, the restaurant is so quaint with beautiful flowers growing along the side of the building and soft vanilla hued crescent moon shaped booths that you could relax into.  The service was courtesous and prompt.  We were greeted with a smile and told to select our own booth.  We chose one on the end near a stunning exotic fish aquarium that was in pristine condition and obviously continously maintained.

The soft life from the aquarium and the bar provided an intimate setting for the area we choose.  We started with homemade guacamole which was presented in a small dish but was a very generious serving.  The taste of the avocados literally burst into your mouth with the first bite.

The homemade chips were top notch and the ice tea was fresh with a small bite.  We both decided to go wild and ordered the chimichanga, which is in essence a fried burrito.  Yes, I know, all those calories flowing right to our hips.  However, it is considered one of their signature dishes so we had to try.  We both got our with ground beef and beans.

Ironically, chimis, as they are called, are one of my long time favorite dishes in Dallas.  I try not to eat them very often because they have something like a million calories but when they are done properly they are spectacular.  Such was the case with Don Antonio's chimi.  The interesting thing about Don Antonio's chimi's is that the fried shell was almost non-existent.  Instead you had a very thin shell which immediately burst open showcasing a delicious concotion of melted bean, ground beef and cheese.  The dish came with even more guacamole and a dollop of home made sour cream.

The first bite was beyond description.  Neither the Marketing Guru nor I could believe our mouths.  We were temporarily stunned by the incredible taste of the dish.  After the shock of the chimi subsided we both managed to eat about 1/2 of the gigantic serving.  I wanted to eat more because it tasted so great but my stomach warned me of impeding explosion.  I didn't have room for the guac that came with the chimi.

Somehow the Marketing Guru managed to stop before stomach implosion so that she could try a bite of the homemade sopapillas.  Although I dearly wanted to try them, I am on a strict anti-sugar food plan for health reasons and could only watch.  However, the aroma was fantastic and again, in Dallas, I have found some of the best sopapillas around (before I had to give up sugar).  The sopapillas were hand made and sizzling hot and came with real honey and powdered sugar.

The Marketing Guru reported that the sopapillas were pure heaven indeed.

As a side note, on the menu, which features lots of yummy authentic TexMex dishes was a steak named the Spencer Steak.  According to those in the know, this is not specifically named for Spencer from The Hills and is just a coincidence.  However, it doesn't really matter if there is anything on the menu named for Heidi or Spencer.  Everything is so fantastic it doesn't really matter.

After we left we chatted in the parking lot with the valet and he was charming and delightful.  He chatted with us about where we were from since we were acting a little bit like obnoxious tourists taking lots of photos and videos.  He was so kind and helpful.

We got into our brand new (rented) 328 BMI and took off for The Bodhi Tree bookstore with our tummies complely satified.

The moral to this story?  Whether you hate Spencer or not, the man knows his Mexican food.  Amen!

Please note: Unfortunately while we got lots of videos of Don Antonio's, we neglected to take old fashion digital photos.  We will get some in the next day or so and I will post.

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