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Karen And Edan's HairBoutique Road Trip

Since the end of 2008 my HairBoutique Marketing Guru, also known as Edan, and I discussed taking HairBoutique on the road.

We wanted to visit many of our friends all over the country ala Oprah style.  Unfortunately, the day to day demands of running made it challenging to figure out when we could hit the road.

(Image of Edan - aka Marketing Guru - On First Road Trip - Photo courtesy of - All Rights Reserved).

Luckily, a special project I am working on with a Los Angeles based hair and beauty expert required me to fly to LA for one week to get some face time with the expert.  Since I was already scheduled to be in LaLa Land, it was a perfect opportunity for Edan to be here and meet with all our HairBoutique friends and business associates.

We literally took off from DFW headed for Burbank completely loaded down with video cameras, Flips, voice recorders, digital cameras and notebooks.  We are truly a traveling digital show.

During our seven days here we both have jam packed schedules of events and will be blogging, vblogging and recording all of our experiences to share as soon as possible.  Besides visiting our favorite friendly salons, hair dressers and related experts, we are going to retrace some of the locations made popular by The Hills, Entourage. Sex And The City (when they were in LA) and famous Celeb Blogger, Perez Hilton.

Think of us as working tourists without the obnoxious factor.  No, we won't be asking for any autographs, sticking any of our body parts in cement or beathing loudly through our noses.  However, we are hoping to provide lots of good blogs, Tweets and related videos of our experiences.

In the meantime, I am going to try and maintain my normal blogging pace but if I fall off the grid for a day or so, I wanted to let you all know that I have not lost my blogomania.  Just temporarily waylaid doing some special hair and beauty projects.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who visit The Hairboutique Blog on a regular basis and follow me on Twitter.  It means a lot and I appreciate all of your input and feedback.

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