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Modern Salon Announces Artist Session For Pro Hairdressers

What is Artist Session? An Artist Session is a two-day class that gives stylists a hands-on experience with photo shoots.

(Image courtesy of Modern Salon Magazine and Artist Session - All Rights Reserved).

The Topics covered for Professional Hairdresser include the following:

- Casting for the perfect model

- How to become a freelancer

- How to create a press kit which really great details.

- How to contact a magazine/newspaper/editor.

- What to do with the images you create.

- The dos and don'ts of on-set styling and how to have the best experience.

- The importance of make-up and fashion which is key as it relates to hair in photography.

- How to create great hair for the camera by looking from the photographer's viewpoint

Day One

(9:30am-4:30pm): Education from MODERN's Fashion and Beauty Director, Maggie Mulhern; top NYC fashion photographer Roberto Ligresti and renowned make-up artist David Maderich on how to create your best shoot. A guest speaker is also included on this day and attendees are given the opportunity to be part of the model casting call as well. A light snack is available to attendees during this portion of the session.

Day Two

(9am-4:30pm): Attendees get hands-on with their models. Working with make up artists and fashion stylists, the finished look is perfected. The artists then work with Ligresti to create the right lighting for their model's look and ultimately create the perfect shot. Lunch is served on day two.

Don't miss this fabulous Artist Session which has limited attendance.  For detailed information go to: to get all the details and sign up.  Hurry, only a few spots are let.

To register, call Joyce Alverio at 847-415-8037 or you can e-mail her at:

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