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Bikini Beauty Tips

Jessica Alba was interviewed by Teen People Magazine (now out of print) about her bikini experiences.  Jessica told TP "Up until I was15, I was nervous about wearing bathing suits - I'd wear jean shorts in the water!"

Jessica said "if you're not ready (for a tiny bikini) don't force it.  Wear jean shorts with tank tops or a sarong or a little sundress (on the beach).

(Image L-R Bridgetta Tomarchio with Alana Curry and Alicia Arden - "Hot Chicks With Stock Picks" Photo Shoot - 03-18-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Definitely great advice from a celebrity whose every outfit is instantly judged by the paparazzi and has been scrutinized for every pound on her body.

Which brings us to the top ten tips for being an ultimate Bikini Bathing Beauty:

1.  Feel great about the bikini you wear because if you feel beautiful in it, you will be beautiful.  If you don't love wearing a bikini, then don't.  Rock Star Pink told Teen People some companies "make awesome board shorts, which is a great way to cover up.  Or try a wife beater."  Teen star JoJo agrees.  She said "you have to convince yourself you look hot!" to work it.

2.  Wear a suit that fits and is right for your body type.  Maximize your best features and minimize your least flattering.  If you have great chest assets consider pairing a traditional bikini bottom with a more secure halter or sports bra top.  Avoid having bikini related wardrobe malfunctions or body parts slipping out of their tops or bottoms.  If that happens, the suit doesn't fit properly.

When in doubt about the best suit for you always take an honest friend or a boyfriend bikini shopping with you and ask them to be brutally honest.  Go for sexy, not skimpy.

3.  Bright is best.  A secret of many celebrities is to select a suit in a vibrant hue to draw the eyes of those watching you to your suit and away from any body parts you might wish to minimize.  If you want to show off the top of your Bikini considering pairing a bright top with a more muted bottom. Or vice versa.

4.  Glam it up.  If you prefer less attention, but ultimate glamor opt for a metallic hue in gold, silver or bronze.  Because metallic reflects the sun, they appear more slimming and stunning in the sunlight.  An additional perk to metallic is that they can offset your hair color magnificently.

5.  If you accessorize consider the tan line consequences.  You may wish to amp up your hair accessories which has the added benefit of protecting your tresses from the damages of the sun while avoiding any obvious tan lines you might develop from large chunky bracelets or necklaces.  Ditto for belts.  Earrings are also a great option since they will offset your hair and your suit.

6.  Always glam up your hair with your bikini to have a head to toe sizzling look.  Whether you go for a cute and flirty pony or a sleek pinned back chignon, be sure to complement your suit style with your hair.

One word of warning.  If you have a long ponytail you may also have a long tan pony line.  Ultimately, if you plan to frolic in the ocean, you may wish to wear your hair up in a very cute twist or bun.  If you do add hair accessories either wear waterproof/saltproof varieties or take them out before you take the plunge.

7.  Do your nails to complement your suit.  It will be an added beauty bump that will get you noticed.

8.  Moisture, moisture, moisture.  With so much skin out in the open, it's important to make sure it's as soft and touchable as a baby's bottom.  While you're at it, exfoliate, shave and pluck any hairs that might detract from your sassy suit.

Warning: If you're planning on shaving or waxing or trying any new skin treatments, always allow lag time between the completion of the treatment and your trek to the beach.  This will help you prevent unslightly bumps, rashes or other breakouts.

9.  Hit the beach already tan from a spray tan or a prior application of sunless tanning lotion so you avoid the paleface syndrome. Make sure you also layer the appropriate SPF for your skin type to make sure you don't burn.  There's nothing worse than a lobster in a bikini.

Heidi Klum told Teen People "a spray tan gives you a healthy glow."  What does this famous blonde do?  "When I'm in the sun it's SPF 30 (sunscreen) all the way.

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10.  Always have a spare bikini tucked away in your beach bag along with your fav cover-up.  This way if buttons pop, zippers break or anything important rips, you are all set to change.

It's best to buy bikinis in sets of two or three.  If you find a bikini that fits you fabulously, always buy more than one in multiple colors so  when one looses its elasticity, you still have your favorite suit in other colors.

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