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Johnny Galecki Thrilled Big Bang Theory Picked Up For Two Seasons

The adorable actor, Johnny Galecki, (born April 30, 1975) from The Big Bang Theory (Leonard Hofstadter, Ph.D), was on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Tuesday (April 14, 2009).

Apparently Bonnie and Johnny had never met before Johnny's appearance on her show but he appeared to be thrilled to meet her and be a guest.

(Image of Johnny Galecki with rest of Big Bang Theory male cast members -

After he arrived on stage and sat down, he told Bonnie that the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory watches Bonnie's show every day during lunch break.  He said everyone in the cast are huge fans of the funny lady.

Bonnie asked if Johnny had seen Cloris Leachman on his way to the stage.  Cloris had preceded Johnny on the show.  The Big Bang actor who plays Leonard said yes that "Cloris insisted on doing my hair upstairs". 

Bonnie said when Cloris visits her show she hangs out in the make-up and hair trailer the entire time.  Indeed, Johnny's hair was a little messed up and quite honestly, looked a little crazy.

Johnny said he knew Cloris and they had worked together a long time ago when he was on a film (Prancer 1989) with her when he was 9 years old.  He said the entire cast were all living in the Holiday Inn in a small town in Indiana during the filming.

The actor told the story of how one night when he came home after filming, in the lobby of The Holiday Inn was Abe Vigoda and Cloris Leachmen in  petting a live puma.  He said it left an indelible memory on him.  Actually it sounded pretty crazy and Bonnie laughed.

He said that working on that film with Cloris and Abe made him decide that he wanted to be an actor.  He said he loved actors and how free spirited they are.  Johnny is also known for his role as David Healy in TV's long running Roseanne.

Bonnie pointed out that Johnny started acting at a very young age.  Johnny said he did.  Bonnie asked if his family encouraged him to go into acting.  Johnny said no, his family dissuaded him.  In fact, he reported, they tried to distract him from acting with sports.  Johnny said they put him "in T Ball" and he would strike out.  It was a disaster.

He also said the bullies got to him and would beat him up because he was such a disaster in sports.  Johhny said it got even worse, with the bullies, when he started doing theater and started hanging out with the guys in the chorus in Pippin, who were his influence.

Johnny said after doing theater and hanging out with the chorus he would show up at school in eye liner and a Fedora. He said he wondered why he was the last to get picked on kick ball.

Break Dancing To Make Money

Bonnie discussed the fact that he used to do break dancing on a street corner near a church to make money.  He said the priest from the church was not happy and would tell him to leave, even calling the cops on him.  He told Bonnie "it was a good corner".

The Big Bang Theory just got picked up for two seasons.  How often does that happen?  Johnny said "as an actor" it was beyond his wildest dreams.  He said the cast is fantastic.  He said everybody is great, we get along well.  It would make for better talk shows if we didn't get along but they actually do.  Johnny said "we genuinely love each other.  He was so exicted about the ordering of 50 new episodes that he actually got ill from being excited.

Johnny "I love when you mom is on the show".  He said it brought back so many memories for him of growing up. Johnny "I love Wrigley field, there's nothing like that."

Bonnie also discussed with Johnny that even though he was born in Belgium (his father was in the US Air Force) he spent a large part of his life in Chicago (moved to Chicago at age 3) and he is a Chicago boy at heart.  Bonnie is also from Chicago.  The two Chicago fans talked about singing at the Chicago ball part.

John Mark "Johnny" Galecki is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as David Healy in the sitcom Rose

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