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Frederic Fekkai Doesn't Recommend Fusion Style Hair Extensions For Brides

Martha Stewart dedicated her entire show today (April 15, 2009) to brides.  One of her VIP guests on the show was Frédéric Fekkai who is famous for working with celebrities.  He is also famous for creating all sorts of hair designs, including bridal designs.

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Frédéric was featured in one segment demonstrating three different gorgeous bridal hairstyles he had created to complement the bridal gown.

After his individual segment Frederic was part of a panel of experts who answered questions from the brides in the audience.   During the panel segment one of the prospective brides asked Fredericwhat his opinion was about hair extensions for short haired brides? 

Frédéric was very direct and said he was not a big fan of (fusion style) hair extenions because he believes they cause damage to the natural hair.

He did say if a bride has her heart set on wearing hair extensions they should be clip-on temporary extensions rather than the more permanent style.  Martha also pointed out that a bride doesn't want to have to deal with her hair extensions on her wedding night.

Frédéric said that basically you want to go with shiny, healthy hair that is as close to your natural hair as possible.  Martha agreed.

I have to say I was honestly surprised when Frédéric said he was against hair extensions for short haired brides.  I agree with his comments about possible hair damage but as a famous Celebrity Hairdresser I assumed he would apply semi-perm (glued or bonded) extensions to his celeb clients.  I do agree with Martha that dealing with semi-perm hair extensions can be time consuming and something that might get in the way of a fun wedding.

When asked about his recent wedding, Frederic said it's important to have fun and just enjoy the day.  Martha teased him about being on the phone a lot as well.  Frederic laughed.  Obviously they have a long term friendship and working relationship.

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