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Solutions For Any Type Of Skincare Issues - Amino Acids

These days, shopping for beauty products requires a crash course in chemistry.  Hyaluronic acid, pro-xylane, Gamma Tocopherol, Botafirm, pentapeptide and Ceramide are just some of the terms peppering the labels - leaving shoppers' heads spinning.

Most of the time, we leave the store not fully understanding why our selection works and what exactly it's supposed to do. In just a few weeks we're right back where we started - trolling the skincare counters for the "next big thing" in skincare.

As the expression goes, the simplest solution is often the best and amino acid-based skincare line AminoGenesis has found a way to take the body's most basic building blocks, amino acids, and render them acceptable to the skin's outer layer.

While the chemistry involved in doing so is advanced, the logic behind AminoGeneis' formula is highly intuitive. The 17 amino acids at the core of AminoGenesis products are scientifically blended to match the amino acid composition in collagen, elastin, and a multitude of other proteins in the skin.

According to Ron Cummings, founder of AminoGenesis, "Amino acids are at the heart of each and every of the body's functions. Whether a person's skin is dry, oily, discolored or experiencing premature aging, the problem stems from a lack of amino acids." AminoGenesis offers a streamlined range of products that provides a solution for every skin type (female or male) at each step of the skincare process.

Step 1: Cleansing: Daily cleansing is a vital part of any skincare routine. It removes impurities and prepares the skin for other treatment products.

Really, Really Clean Facial Cleanser: Really, Really Clean's dual purpose technology bathes the skin with AminoGenesis' unique combination of 17 amino acids, while deeply cleansing to remove dirt, makeup and impurities. Really, Really Clean leaves skin soft, smooth, and glowing, while maintaining the delicate balance of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF).

Step 2: Treatment Serums: Concentrated serums provide skin the extra boost to regain its youthful clarity and fight dullness and should be applied directly to freshly cleansed skin.

AminoGenesis' TripeptinonTM capsules are designed to lift, firm and strengthen facial connective tissues giving skin the most youthful appearance possible. TripeptinonTM combines three powerful anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging technologies along with the base formula of 17 amino acids to address surface issues as well as underlying issues such as supporting and connective tissue.

Step 3: Moisturize: The introduction of amino acids to the skin in the cleansing phase have already begun to help it retain moisture. Now it is important to address your skin's unique needs.

Therapeutic Facial Repair has the most concentrated version of AminoGenesis' unique 17 amino acid formula. It boasts three times the concentration of amino acids, penetrating rapidly to provide advanced moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging qualities. Just smooth on the face - it is pH balanced so there's no need to tone or exfoliate - for a radiant, more youthful complexion.

Step 4: Correct Trouble Areas: The skin around the eyes is among the most fragile and requires special care.

Counter Clockwise under-eye treatment is a special gel/cream hybrid that soothes, renews the gentle skin around the eyes to fight aging and alleviate tell-tale signs of sleepless nights. Counter Clockwise delivers moisture, nutrients and amino acids where they are needed most.

Step 5: Full-Body Moisture:The signs of aging that plague people's faces also show up on their necks, hands, arms and legs.

AminoGenesis' Cocoon Total Body Emollient is the original version of their powerful 17 amino acid base formula. This rapidly penetrating lotion dissipates into the skin immediately to directly hydrate and nourish the skin all over the body.

For more information check out to learn more. I hope to hear from you soon!

About AminoGenesis Skin Care

AminoGenesis Skin Care was founded in 2000 after creator Ron Cummings, a longtime sufferer of dermatitis, was recommended a cream for his skin condition.

Once he learned everything he could about that cream he used, Ron decided to make the life-changing decision to end his existing career and enter the unfamiliar business of skincare. He learned that the cream was actually a potent mixture of amino acids, essentially the building blocks of all life.

All living things, plant or animal, that grows on this planet share exactly the same amino acids - it is the arrangement of amino acids that makes everything and everyone unique. They are the building blocks of every structure in human skin; vital skin proteins like collagen, elastin, lipids and all cellular tissues are made from amino acids.

The basis of the AminoGenesis philosophy is that skin functions fantastically when it is properly nourished and it is with amino acids that skin becomes properly nourished. Several years ago the team of world class doctors, chemists and researchers that Ron enlisted set out to harness the power of amino acids. After about a decade of research and testing, the original AminoGenesis formula was born and the results astounded even those who created it.

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