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Are You A Hair Flirt?

Using hair as a means of flirting was recently highlighted on an episode of Ugly Betty.  Betty had to be taught how to flip her hair back and forth to be seductive.

Some people automatically know how to flirt using their hair and others...not so much.  Of course there are always those folks that could care less about being a hair flirt and won't invest the energy.

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Are you a hair flirt?  Take the quiz below to see.

1.  You've been asked out for coffee by the hottie of your dreams.  How do you deal with your hair in preparation for your hot date?

A.  Call your fav hairdresser and beg for emergency highlights, trim and style.  Hard earned bucks are no object to impress this hottie.

B.  Text all your friends and beg them to rendezvous at your place for an at-home DIY hair styling makeover intervention.

C.  Follow your normal hair regime.  After all, the hottie wants you, not your hair.

2.  Your current love offers to take you out for a romantic meal at a fab new Bistro.  How long does it take you to do your hair for the date?

A.  More than one hour.  You feel you must look your absolute best to impress your love and everyone else that sees you.

B.  Less than an hour.  A quick dry shampoo, good brushing and popping on a sizzling hair accessory and you're ready to jet.

C.  Five minutes is all you need for a quick finger comb, fluff and puff.

(Image of Paris Hilton - - All Rights Reserved)

3.  You're on the prowl for a new love.  Being unattached has lost its appeal.  How do you do your hair to get noticed?

A.  Anytime you meets a new hottie you seductively, but coyly, play with your hair to show off your luscious locks.

B.  You go for a full hair toss demo.  You want to show off your recently highlighted tresses to full advantage.

C.  Use your strands passively only to peek around and see if the hottie is checking you out.

4.  You go on Holiday for the first time with your love.  How do you keep your tresses looking hot on your trip to seal the deal?

A.  Take time every morning before you hit the beach to coif hair into a series of sleek and sexy updos, ponies and braids with protective hair products during the day to block out sun, sea, surf or other frizz enabling activities.  You undo your hair at night for easy access for roaming fingers and hands.

B.  Leave hair unpinned all day and out in the sun to get max sun-kissed look.  Frizz is the least of your worries since you also have to work on your tan.

C.  You throw your hair into a messy pony and head to the bar for margaritas.  Why mess with your hair when you can enjoy the day without fussing with your strands.

5.  You've been asked to be a bridesmaid at your best friend's wedding.  How to you make sure you don't steal the bride's thunder but grab lots of attention from sexy wedding guests?

A.  Head to the best salon in town and go for the full treatment...color, cut, look drop dead gorgeous.

B.  Go for big hair to attract almost as much attention as the bride without being totally obvious.  You opt for a clip-in set of gorgeous human hair extensions and you sneak in your favorite dazzling bejeweled headband to really shine.

C.  You don't want to outdo the bride so you prepare your hair in your everyday style to avoid attracting too much attention.

6.  You're up for a big promotion at work.  How do you use your hair to grab even more attention?

A.  Head to the salon and have a makeover.  Once your hair is in tip top shape you get up every day at the crack of dawn to make sure your hair looks spectacular.

B.  You decide to look more professional and substitute your eye popping hair accessories for a neat chignon and a more conservative headband.

C.  Your hair is the least of your concerns.  If you get promoted its because you deserve to and not because your hair is hot.

If You Answered......

Mostly As - You're an extraordinary hair flirt.  It comes naturally to you.  Celebrity Role Model - Carmen Electra

You instinctively know how to be sexy, sassy and seductive with your hair.  No one needs to teach you how to flick, flip or twirl your tresses.  You're a hair flirt natural.  Even more importantly, you understand the necessity of having fabulous hair color, silky shiny tresses and an eye popping gorgeous hairstyle. While money matters, you are willing to spend to achieve professional results, especially when you want to look your absolute best.

Hair Flirt Secret: Load up on hair products you can use at home to maintain expensive hair color and style.  Instantly turn your hair up a notch with gorgeous hair accessories.

Mostly Bs - You're a hair flirt apprentice. Celebrity Role Model - Jennifer Garner

Although you understand the importance of having sexy, sassy hair, you are a DIY fan and don't want to part with your hard earned bucks for the best possible tresses, except when there is no other option.  Your hesitation to turn your tresses over to the pros may result in some hit and misses with your hairstyles.  If you must Do It Yourself then consider amping up the products you use and backing off as much heat styling for a softer, more professional finish.

Hair Flirt Apprentice Secret: Guarantee better hair results with regular conditioning treatments.  If you must heat style always protect tresses with pre-heat styling protectors.  Invest in a good dry shampoo which can instantly transform tresses from lank and limp to fluffy.

Mostly Cs - You're a hair flirt newbie - Celebrity Role Model - Post Baby Jessica Alba

Much like Betty Suarez on Ugly Betty you rely on your personality and witty banter to attract the attention of the opposite sex.  This may or may not always work in your favor.  Sometimes having flirty hair moves will get a stalled relationship moving in the right direction.  Even if you don't want to invest in a trip to a hair pro to dress your locks, consider taking time to use the best products your pocketbook can afford.  When your hair feels good, so will you which goes a long way towards being more of a flirt.

Hair Flirt Newbie Secret: Hair accessories can be fabulous without costing a fortune.  Invest in some classics such as a tortoise inspired sleek headband or barrettes.  Use a good hair shine product to finish styles.  Shiny hair always looks more polished.

A Combination of A, B, C - You're a well-balanced hair flirt skeptic - Celebrity Role Model - Fergie Of The Black Eyed Peas

You may believe in the power of the hair flip but worry about finances or don't have the time to focus on your locks.  You may love having hot looking tresses but balance the commitment with other life demands.  Although you are a skeptic about the power of being a hair flirt you keep an open mind in case circumstances change and you have more time or bucks to invest in the practice of hair flirtiness.

Hair Flirt Skeptic Secret: When in doubt build in volume and shine.  Nothing says sassy like a head full of lush texture and shimmer.  Some celebrities like Paris Hilton are rarely spotted without fab hair accessories.  Why?  Paris knows a great hair accessory will finish even a less than stellar hairstyle.

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