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Melissa Leo Wins Oscar And Drops F Bomb In Her Speech

Legendary actor Kirk Douglas presented Best Supporting Actress. He was dapper in a black suit with a crisp white shirt. His hair looked amazing. It's still a stunning snowy white.

Although felled by a stroke Kirk did a great job of playing off the audience commenting that Hugh Jackman and the people of Australia think he's funny for some strange reason. He noted that Colin Firth didn't think he was funny but of course "he's British."  Kirk also managed to flirt with Anne Hathaway commenting on how beautiful she is.

After receiving the envelope he pretended to open it a few times before he finally did, putting the nominees on the edge of their seats. Some of them seemed tortured waiting for the envelope to be opened. He also commented that he will always remember the Oscars because he lost three times.

When he finally opened the envelope and announced Melissa Leo as the winner of Best Supporting Actress, she seemed genuinely shocked. As she ran up to the stage the announcer said it was her first Oscar and her second nomination. She was previously nominated for Frozen River.

When she ran up to the stage she bowed to Kirk Douglas and asked the esteemed actor to pinch her. Kirk said "you're so much more beautiful than you were in the film and she replied "you're pretty good looking yourself."

The shocked actress said "oh my god. Wow, really, really, truly wow. I know a lot of people said a lot of really nice things to me for several months now. But I'm just shaking in my boots here. OK, alright, thank you David O. Russell. I want to thank the actors, Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale...he might have run out for a second. Amy, my sweet sister Adams. Jack, our lovely daughter. Yeah, I am kinda speechless. Golly sakes" she looked up and said "there's people up there too."

She looked up at the top of the theater and exclaimed "golly sakes, there's people up there too."

She said "when I watched Kate two years it looked so...then she said the F bomb" she was bleeped.

She continued thank you to "Alice Ward, your beautiful family that opened your hearts to us. I saw Nick, Dick. Alright Dick's not here in the room. Thank you so much (for) opening up your hearts to helping us make this film. I'll thank David, I;ll thank you again."

And thank you to "my family, my beautiful son, who's traveling in South America and can't join me tonight."

She got choked up and said "It's OK, I'm OK Jeff." She also thanked "my mom, my dad, my brother and my friends and family."

The actress said "and I want to thank very much most of all, the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences, The Board Of Governors and all their members which many of you are here today. This has been an extraordinary journey in getting to know what The Academy is about. It's about selling motion pictures and respecting the work." Thank you so much."

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