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Texas Mother Granted Unusal Wish For Dead Son's Sperm

Although this story really doesn't have anything to do with celebrities, hair, beauty or business, it is about Texas and a story I have taken an special interest in.

The reasons?  The deceased young man in this story received what became fatal injuiries on 6th Street in Austin and Dallas is just up the road from that party town.  I have been to Austin on numerous occasions and my own deceased husband initially hoped to live in Austin before we moved to Dallas.  I have very fond feelings to Austin and often pay close attention to news from there.

I was interested to hear that an Austin judge ordered the Travis County Medical Examiner's office to maintain the body of a dead man in order for his sperm to be collected.  The order came after the mother of the dead man petitioned for the sperm so that she might eventually have a grandchild.

The mother's 21-year-old son, Nikolas Evans, died at an Austin hospital Sunday, nine days after he was punched in the head and knocked unconscious at a club on 6th Street.

The devastated mother told the media her son's ultimate dream was to some day have three sons of his own and he had already chosen their names which were Hunter, Tod and Van. "Hunter was after Hunter S. Thompson, which was his favorite," she said.

"Right now is a really good day because I feel hopeful for the first time since he passed away that I have something to look forward to, and that even though he's gone, that I can have a grandbaby," she said. Dr. Elizabeth Houser, of the Austin Urology Clinic agreed.

"I know it's controversial, I know it's going to be in the media, and that's OK with me," Houser said. "Maybe it's something that needs to be talked about more frequently." Ms. Evans said the process would be completed on her son's deceased remains sometime on Wednesday.\

The story has been reported non-stop on the Dallas news stations and on the radio.  Certainly this case sets a new precedent for mothers who lose their sons and daughters in the future.  It is a very sad story but it also offers its own ray of hope.

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