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Kardashian Sisters Hit Red Carpet In Tiny Black Dresses

The three Kardashian Sisters all named with a K recently posed in sassy short black dresses on the Red Carpet.  Khloe Kardashian who is the youngest and the tallest recently made headlines by being fired by The Donald on Celebrity Apprentice.

Fans rallied to Khloe's side posting on the Web that The Donald should not have fired her for her past sins, which she has been working hard to make amends for in a multiple of ways.

Regardless of the drama in Reality TV world, Khloe stands out in other ways.  She is 5'9" compared to her tiny sisters.  Kim is 5'2 and Kourtney is 5".  When Khloe poses in between the two sisters she looks much larger.

Although Khloe does not have Kim's famous rear assets nor is as petite as Koutney, she is considered as beautiful as her sisters, but for her other attributes.

Khloe is more outspoken than her two older sisters and has become a fan fav on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for her great sense of humor and outspoken manner.

In many ways Khloe is becoming much more of a star, at least in the world of Reality TV than her two sisters.

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