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Dwayne Johnson Rocked As Miley Cyrus Twin

On The Ellen Show on Friday, April 3rd, Ellen had a brief clip with Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as 'The Rock' which was a look at behind the scenes at the recent 2009 Kids Choice Awards which Dwayne also hosted.

At the beginning of the Behind The Scenes clip Dwayne was shown doing push-ups which he told the camera, for Ellen's benefit, was his "warm up" ritual.  He told the camera he was on 1,200+ push-ups.

After he finished with the push-ups (probably not really over 1,000 but will we ever know?) he was shown flying through the air into the auditorium on a gigantic hook and blasting into a decorated wall on the stage.

(Dwayne Johnson - Los Angeles Premiere of 'Race To Witch Mountain' - 03-11-09 - - All Rights Reserved)

Dwayne was holding a silver colored briefcase as he flew through the air.  Kids were yelling and screaming, obviously having a major blast at the show.

At one point he looked back into the camera and said he was "the biggest kid of all" and was having a blast.

The gorgeous Sandra Bullock and handsome Hugh Jackson were filmed talking to Dwayne about wanting to focus on him and asking if he would be OK with that?  Of course he said "yes."

Then Sandra and Hugh were shown getting completely soaked with bubbling green slime, which the Kid's Choice Awards are famous for dispensing in huge quantities.  The goo was pouring out of Dwayne's briefcase which Sandy and Hugh had opened.  The kids were going crazy and slime was spewing from everywhere.

Not only did the kids get to vote online for their choices, the 2009 show set a record with 90 million votes for the kid's favs in movies, music, television and sports/  The kids also got to choose which stunt Dwayne Johnson would do at the end of the show. Their choice?  Dwayne would end up dressing  like Miley Cyrus!

And so he did.  At the end of the show Dwayne dressed up exactly like Miley Cyrus.  Dwayne was shown wearing a long brunette wig to mimic Miley's long tresses.  He also wore a matching dress to Miley's who joined him on stage to the delight of the kids.  Yes, he looked absolutely ridiculous but hilarious and of course the kids went crazy.

It was all captured for Ellen who Dwayne said farewell to at the end of the clip.  It was an amusing behind the scenes.

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