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Questions For Fred Durst About Britney

Yes I know everyone is sick and tired of hearing about Fred Durst (@freddurst on Twitter) and the fling he claims he had with Britney Spears (@BritneySpears on Twitter) in 2003 that she has never really commented on.  She continues to hold her silence even now, six years later.

The media is currently blasting Fred for continuing to talk about Britney.  They (the media and Britney fans) want Fred to zip it about Britney.

One one hand I agree that after six years for Fred to be rehashing about Britney might definitely be viewed as inappropriate, annoying or downright a ploy for publicity.

However, I have to wonder.  If Fred is still talking about the Britney topic, maybe its because he feels he has never been vindicated.  Or maybe he feels like he hasn't gotten closure from whatever happened with Britney.  Or maybe he really cared about her and it all went up in flames and he never was able to understand the reasons why.  Obviously he never got a lot of feedback from the pop queen or her camp.  At least not that we have all heard.

One of my questions for Fred is where were the witnesses?  In Hollywood, Las Vegas or New York a celebrity is constantly being watched by the hordes of Papparrizzi.  There are also agents, managers, personal assistants, hair dressers, make-up artists and all sorts of celebrity handlers.  We know Britney often traveled with bodyguards, hairdressers, make-up artists and other "helpers".

Yeah, I know there are iron clad NDAs but what about the folks in Fred's entourage?  Didn't he have someone who saw him with Britney that will speak up on his behalf?

Somebody must have witnessed any hook-ups between Fred and Britney if/when they happened.  Right?

Why has Fred not gotten witnesses to come forward and speak on his behalf?  Even if Britney continues to maintain silence about getting together with Fred, if her hairdresser, make-up artist or other former assistants witnessed something, get them to talk about it, write about it, go on The Insider or E!.

Heck, you could even call, tweet or email Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton on Twitter) with iron clad witnesses who were willing to talk.  I'm sure Perez would be happy to break the news, regardless how he might feel about Fred.  We do know he loves Britney right now and has been traveling with her.  So Perez, did you get any scoop on this long standing controversy?

While I know the media is tired of this story about Durst and Spears (whom I adore - so please no backlash), I actually feel kinda bad for Fred.  If it (the relationship) really happened and Britney denied it because she was embarrassed to be involved with Fred (or least publicly connected), that definitely sucks.  If they didn't really have a connection, then she needs to prove it and put it to rest once and for all.

Although some media people believe Fred is just using the long standing story to get ongoing media attention, I doubt it.  He probably just wants closure.  The sooner he gets it and either someone comes forward or Britney speaks out, the harder it will be for him to feel vindicated one way or another.

In my humble opinion I say crack open the old wounds, get them cleaned out once and for all and let the final healing begin.  But that's just me and how I see it.  Or maybe Fred should write about that period with Britney naming dates, times and details.  (Hey Fred, I'm available to help with the writing duties).

So Fred, what do you say?

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