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SPARitual Vegan Nail Polish Is Divine

During this historically uncertain time, feeling your happiest, healthiest and most beautiful often slips to the bottom of the to-do list.

Incorporating essential oils, like those in the SpaRitual (now available at in the Marketplace) collection, into your home relaxation routine can help.

SpaRitual makes it easy and blissful to add a few moments of rejuvenation to your daily routine with their new Treatment Oils - the latest addition to their stress-reducing Chakra Care System, which is comprised of vegan spa treatments that incorporate organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

In addition to their Infinitely Loving Oil, SpaRitual expands their collection of organic oils ($32) with Close Your Eyes, featuring Organic Geranium Essential Oil to balance the sacral chakra, calming the mind and reducing anxiety and Instinctual Treatment Oils, featuring Organic Ginger Essential Oil to balance the root chakra, energizing the mind and body.

SpaRitual co-founder Shel Pink recommends ending your day with a massage using Close Your Eyes Oil: "For this massage, I use a slower, deeper, pressure point massage technique. I start around my neck, pressing out the tension from the day, and work my way down my body, ending with my feet. This nighttime ritual ensures a natural and deep sleep.

A proper night's sleep reduces stress and inflammation, makes you more alert, improves memory, may help you lose weight, reduces the risk of depression and helps the body make repairs," said Shel.

Five tips for a relaxing massage:

Follow the steps below for a relaxing massage:

· Apply pressure to muscles only - avoid the bones!

· Lightly knead on joints to eliminate tension

· Massage stomach area in a circular motion and use downward strokes on legs, lower back and shoulders (towards the armpits)

· Always stay in contact with skin

· Keep rhythm

· Listen to your "inner voice" - follow your intuition. Shel suggests repeating a personal mantra to keep your mind clear.

Additionally, SpaRitual's latest Cherish Collection has beautifully on-trend shades perfect for summer stories.

Spa Ritual is available at Marketplace.  We are constantly expanding the line.  My favorite color so far? Death By Chocolate...yummy.

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