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Help Rescue An Adorable Pug

Growing up my parents were not fans of pets for the obvious parent reasons centering around who would care for any dogs or cats that might move into the family.

As a result we had the typical pets ranging from turtles to frogs and a few gerbils who got lose and disappeared into the basement.

(Image Of A Pug From Wikipedia)

When I was old enough to move out of the house I first had a cat who I loved dearly.  Then I had an adorable Peekapoo puppy from a very small private breeder who was a friend of a friend and was not a puppy mill.   I also had a second cat rescued from a shelter and became the part time adoptive parent to a wonderful Yellow Lab.

As I became full blown workaholic I had to stop adopting pets since I never had the time to devote to their love and attention.

When people ask me if I am a dog person or a cat person, the answer is both.   While I loved my adopted Yellow Lab, I tend to be more of a small dog person and have always really enjoyed Pugs.

A friend of mine had a pair of Pug siblings and they were beyond adorable and so incredibly sweet.  I've never personally owned a Pug but if I had more time they would definitely be at the top of my list to rescue.

I know a lot about pugs from my friend who explained why her beloved Pugs were susceptible to eye injuries because of their prominent skeletal brow ridges.

(Image of Frank The Pug from the movie Men In Black from Wikipedia)

She also worried that they didn't get too hot due to their compact breathing passageways which can cause breathing problems for these adorable but charming little dogs.  Her pugs were also carefully monitored and exercised to prevent them from becoming obese, another Pug challenge.

Pugs are not only a very beloved and popular breed of dog, they have a very well organized group of people who work hard to rescue them from puppy mills and other abusive or dangerous situations.

What does my appreciation of Pugs have to do with Hair?  Nothing unless you count the fact that Pugs are known to often have shedding challenges.

Actually, the reason I am writing this Blog is because of the lovely person I met in my Twitter network who gives of her heart and rescues Pugs.  I visited her website and viewed horrible images from puppy mills.  She told me about a wonderful Pug rescue organization that helps Pugs in need.

Green Mountain Pug Rescue

Green Mountain Pug Rescue (GMPR) has a Save the Pugs fund based solely on donations by folks like you. This enables GMPR to go to the puppymill auctions and rescue adult females and males that are living the life of hell in puppymills.

(Image of Pug Puppy From Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved).

Used solely for breeding, without regard to medical, emotional or social needs. They never leave their crates, standing in their own urine and feces at times. They are not a pug- lovingly adored- they are simply another form of income- livestock to the Amish.

Green Mountain Pug Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non profit rescue group of volunteers within Vermont, New Hampshire & parts of New York.  For more information visit Green Mountain Pug Rescue on the web.  Or type in Pug Rescue in Google to find Pug Rescue groups in your area.

To donate to Green Mountain Pug Rescue visit the site or send your contributions to rescue pugs to the Green Mountain Pug Rescue treasurer at this address:

Phil Douglas

24 Town Line Road

Mendon VT 05701

I would love to hear about your own Pugs or your other beloved dogs.  Please follow me on Twitter at

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