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Fast Hair Changes For Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Wouldn't you love it if you could get one basic haircut and be able to style your hair in a number of different ways for a variety of looks.  Imagine being able to create sassy hairstyles in a matter of minutes.

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Layers are the key to quick change hairstyles.  When layers are carefully carved into your basic style the utilization of hot tools, brushes and styling products can produce amazing style transformations.

Try some of the following medium length layered haircuts with a texturized fringe for fast hair change options:

1.  Medium Length Chipped Cut - A carefully chipped cut swings with natural movement and volume.  A side part adds extra height at the crown and directs flirty bangs across the eyes.  To style just finger tousle tresses firmly into place with a dab of wax or gel.

2.  Go Sleek, Go Stylish - Use a wide-toothed comb to sweep damp tresses off a side part.  Massage a small amount of mousse through fine strands.  Allow tresses to air dry.  Tousle with fingers to finish.

3.  Flip Layers Forward - For a quick change of pace use a vented brush to flip layers forward while blow drying.  Create a slightly off-center part and direct the fringe so that it falls over just one eye. Use gelled fingertips to add texture at the ends for quick movement and lush dimension.

4.  Go Bone Straight - For a completely different look apply a straightening balm with or without a defristant to damp strands before blow drying.  Use a medium round brush to curve sections around the face forward as you blow dry.  When finished drying if your hair is not as straight as desired us a straightening iron and go over individual sections to a sleek straight style perfect for daytime work, school or relaxed weekend events.

5.  Scunch It Up - If hair is dry, quickly spritz it damp with a spray bottle and water.  While hair is slightly damp create a deep side part.  Apply either a light mousse or gel and separate hair into 1-2" sections.  If hair has natural wave scrunch hair throughout.  If hair does not have natural wave use fingers to finger tousle hair in opposite direction of how it grows to great an uber messy look.

6.  Go Retro - While hair is damp roll into pincurls.  For a soft hold first apply a light holding mousse.  For a stiffer hold use a gel.  Let hair air dry or sit under a hood style hairdryer until hair is 100% dry.  Remove pins but allow curls to lay against the head as create.  Change it up by brushing out the pin curls and tousling with fingertips.

Other Quick Change Tips

Instantly change your hair style by altering the part.  If you normally favor a center part, change it to either side.  Play with a deep side or shallow minipart.  Go Retro and play with a zig zag or messy part.

Change the texture of your fringes.  If you normally well your fringe sleek, rough it up.  It you wear it full, pin it up off your forehead or slick it to one side.  Be creative and use bobby pins, sleeper clips or tiny barrettes to hold your fringe to one side.

Experiment with irons to change the texture.  If your hair is naturally curly, use a straightening iron.  For straight tresses, use a curling iron.  Be creative.

Clip on a chignon, a temporary fringe or even a set of clip-in temporary hair extensions.  The clip-in extensions offer the option to change texture, length or style.

You can even change your look by popping on a cute newsboy cap, beret or a glam headband.  Dress your hair up or down with earrings and other accessories.  Bottom line, have fun and you will enjoy being a quick change hair artist.

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