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Sarah Silverman Chases Shock And Laughter

Bill Mayer had Sarah Silverman on as a special guest on his show Real Time With Bill Mayer on March 13th.  Sarah looked adorable with her raven black hued hair worn pulled back to the crown and gathered into two matching ponytails.  She was cute and very funny.

Billy asked Sarah about the whole financial controversy involving Bernie Madoff and told her he thought it was appropriate to have a Jew on the show.  Sarah didn't have much to say about the entire Bernie Madoff scandal and told Bill she didn't know much about money.  In fact, she told Bill that a few years ago she turned all her money over to her dad to manage and so she had no idea if she had any money or not.

Sarah told Bill she was a little worried about the ultimate fate of her money because "only about a year ago she had to tell her father that K meant a thousand."  Sarah her father told her recently "I paid more taxes this year than I have" in actual money. Which definitely is not a good thing.  Right?

Bill asked Sarah if she had an opinion about "the difference between religious Jews and cultural Jews?"  Sarah quipped "I can't imagine there's a god."  She said "I'm not religious."  She laughed and said, of course "I'm not ruling it out."  Then she told Bill "I'm Jewish, it's in my pores."

Regardless, as she explained, her place with the Jews seems set for life  Sarah told Bill "I have no religion but the Jews love me.  I'm good for the Jews.  There's nothing I can do that is not good for the Jews.  I could deny the existence of the Holocaust.  I could say I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and I still could do no harm."  She said the Jews would talk about her and refer to her as "you know that Jew for Jesus that said the Holocaust didn't happen?  Yeah Jewish.

After giving the example about how because she is a known Jew she couldn't do any wrong she said "uh...whaddya going do?"

Bill and Sarah continued to trade jokes and barbs until at one point Sarah told Bill "I got nothing.  Why did you ask me to be on this stupid show??" She backtracked a bit and told him the show wasn't stupid, it was actually smart but she meant she didn't know why he asked her to be there.  She said she didn't know anything.  Why did he invite her?

Bill told her she didn't give herself enough credit and she is a very smart girl.  He also said  "you are the bravest girl I know.  Neither one of us has ever made any concessions to political correction.  I watch your show and am often in awe of what you do."  He said, he would watch her show and say  "oh no she didn't."

Sarah laughed and said "I made 911 cute again." Bill told Sarah "you could be a Diva and you're not."  Sarah obviously thought the word Diva was distasteful and she talked about how being a Diva is just not cool at all.  Sarah told Bill "people who say they're a Diva - I'm pretty sure they're a cunt."   She pointed out "Hitler didn't even try that (Diva trick).  He did say, I want to kill all the Jews, I'm a Diva."

Sarah continued her rant against people who call themselves Diva by saying "you're not a Diva.  You're a broken person who makes it difficult to feel sorry for you."

Bill then talked to Sarah about The Playboy Mansion and how it is full of "broken people".  Bill pointed out that Sarah is often at the Mansion and Sarah confessed "I go because, I don't want to say I get pleasure out of seeing broken people, but I go to see these women with giant tits."  In essence Sarah talked about liking to watch people.

She told Bill sometimes she is in shock when she sees some of the women with their tits and they pretend they do it for themselves but she knows better.  She reported seeing a woman at the Mansion with huge, gigantic tits that made you want to stop and stare.  Sarah said she was naked but painted to look like she was wearing a negligee and was taking a photo of three people together.  Sarah said she was thinking the woman should be the one having her photo taken because of her huge tits.

Bill and Sarah agreed that going to the Mansion is like "a time warp, its like in the 80s.  It's so awesome."  Sarah teased Bill by saying "you see political comedians and Nick The Dick from Bachelor Party."  She said she even saw Lou Ferrignono walk in wearing a Hulk tie.

Bill told Sarah "look at what we do for a living.  We're clowns."  He told her "I got hooked on making people laugh when I was a little kid.  I used to imitate the Smothers Brothers.  My parents would cue me.  It was like an animal.  It makes people like you."

Sarah agreed and said "when I was three my dad taught me swear.  I saw all these people in the grocery store who were both shocked and laughing at the same time.  Shock and laughter is what I always chase.  Not to deconstruct myself, although I just did.

Bill asked Sarah "would you say you had a happy childhood?  She shook her head "no, but mom and dad I blame myself completely."

At that point Bill said "Sarah Silverman, we have to go now."  Sarah said, I had to pee anyway." Bill proceeded to do his New Rules and that was the end of the show.  As always Sarah Silverman was funny, she cursed, was naughty and yes she was shocking.  She had me for sure with the laughter and shock thing.

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